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 Post subject: Creed
PostPosted: Fri Nov 27, '15, 6:55 pm 
I believe it is almost time for the movie "Creed" to come out in theaters, if it hasn't already been released. I am really looking forward to seeing this movie, as I am a big fan of all the "Rocky" movies.

"Creed" stars include Michael Jordan and Sylvester Stallone (as Rocky)!

If anyone gets to see this movie, please let us know what you think of it! Did you like it, or not like it, and why?

I have been reading that this movie may be an Oscar contender and possibly Stallone may be up for a supporting Oscar. I hope that happens.

 Post subject: Re: Creed
PostPosted: Tue Jan 12, '16, 6:39 pm 
Congratulations to Sylvestor Stallone on winning a Golden Globe Award for best supporting actor in "Creed"! :clap:

Very much deserved imho!!

 Post subject: Re: Creed
PostPosted: Thu Jan 21, '16, 2:51 am 
Congrats again to Stallone for also winning a critics choice award for his role in "Creed". ... s-win.html

 Post subject: Re: Creed
PostPosted: Tue Mar 1, '16, 10:01 pm 
The movie "Creed" is scheduled to be released on DVD on today, March 1, 2016, I think.

I haven't seen the movie yet and will be eagerly looking forward to picking up a copy of it later this week. Anyone else going to get this movie on DVD or Blue Ray?

I think I may watch all the previous "Rocky" films when I have time to refresh my memory on Rocky and Apollo Creed.

 Post subject: Re: Creed
PostPosted: Sat Jul 8, '17, 7:32 pm 
I finally got to see the movie "Creed" when it came out on DVD and liked it very much. It did make me miss Apollo Creed very much though.

Lately, I have been reading some things online that make me think they may be going to try and do a sequel to the " Creed " movie. Maybe a "Creed 2", or something like that. I kind of get the feeling that maybe the Ivan Drago character (who killed Apollo in the "Rocky IV"movie) may show up in the next "Creed" movie, if there is one, that is.

What does everyone think of this? Would you like to see a "Creed" sequel, and a boxing match between Ivan Drago and Apollo Creed's son ?

 Post subject: Re: Creed
PostPosted: Fri Aug 4, '17, 12:57 pm 
Neve seen it but I want to ! And Congratulations to Sylvester Stallone about all those awards ! He deserved it :) :clap:

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