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PostPosted: Wed Feb 17, '16, 3:22 am 
Has anyone seen the "Deadpool" movie?

What do you think of this movie? ... /80475074/

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 17, '16, 4:04 pm 
I liked it, but...

I went in expecting Deadpool to go all out with the 4th wall breaking.

I am used to him knowing he is in video games, talking to the player, using and altering the mechanics of the game to suit him, even using the health bar to hit the other characters or hacking the code to get advantages.

In the movie there are so few times he actually talks to the viewer. And I mean real talking, looking at the camera and that. Not internal monologues where he addresses the audience. Films like Zombieland do that and it still does not count as real 4th wall breaking.

He interacts with the camera twice (and one of those times, it might simply have been a car's window).

So it ended up being a more straight up comedy (like Guardians of the Galaxy) than a complete irreverent event where the star of the film brought the audience along for the adventure.

I was ready for a movie that did not take itself seriously, but found out it did, at times. So it felt at times DP was just crazy enough to do all that stuff so he would not go completely crazy. Even when he says he is talking to us, not to the characters, it feels to me as if he could just be crazy *inside* the movie's world, instead of actually coming out to ours. Of course, that would be an explanation for the people inside the fiction (mind snapped because of the pain), but it makes me feel they just fell short.

I was actually expecting him to break the screen and come to a cinema theater, then go back in. Perhaps to escape from some danger. Something that perhaps Bugs Bunny would be allowed to do, but they did not let DP do in his film. Would people think that would be going too far? Is that why they did not do it?

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 18, '16, 12:00 am 
I only knew Deadpool from his appearance in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, where his low health quotes included (and I'm serious about these) "Deadpool needs health badly!!" and "Hey, save some of those red orbs for me!" So my experience was a little limited when it comes to the Merc With the Mouth. (Well, MUA2 and reading the trade paperback "Deadpool: Dead Presidents"...)

Holy schamoly, what the hell did I watch Saturday.

Yes, I liked the movie. It had Morena Baccarin nearly naked, it had a lot of great laughs, it had the most honest opening credits in movie history, and it had a great story.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 22, '16, 7:02 pm 

 Post subject: Re: Deadpool
PostPosted: Mon Feb 22, '16, 9:21 pm 
The important bits were covered with her hands! =p

 Post subject: Re: Deadpool
PostPosted: Mon Aug 14, '17, 11:56 pm 
Sad news as it looks like a stuntwoman has died on the set of the "Deadpool 2" movie: ... cid=AARDHP

Condolences to her family. :tombstone: :rose:

I just realized that I do not think I have watched the first "Deadpool" movie as yet. I believe we have it on DVD so I'm going to try and watch it soon, especially if they are already filming a sequel.

 Post subject: Re: Deadpool
PostPosted: Fri Aug 18, '17, 11:41 am 
I've heard about it and this is so sad :( Condolences to her family. :rose: :tombstone:

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