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PostPosted: Wed May 28, '14, 3:16 am 
Mira glances at Rebecca and Castiel. "You seem pretty energetic, Rebecca. Castiel's weird look is probably just from not being able to keep up with you, don't worry about it." She pats Castiel on the shoulder. "He doesn't strike me as a ladies' man, so don't rush him too quickly, okay?"

PostPosted: Wed May 28, '14, 4:32 am 
Castiel just let out a small frown at his new found comrades. It was true that he wasn't a ladies man. He also knew that he shouldn't get so worked up whenever someone calls him Reaper, despite the events that happened. He casually scratched the back of his head, "You shouldn't flatter yourself Rebecca. You're not my type. I prefer taller girls."

PostPosted: Wed May 28, '14, 6:01 pm 
"Well then. You and Mira should get along wonderfully!" Rio teased. Before she could say anything else, Pyke returned to the counter.

Reaching into his robes, he withdrew two small flat gray cards, handing one each to Castiel and Rebecca. "There's yer access cards," he said. "With them, ya can get anywhere in the base yer allowed. First one's on the house, but if ya lose it, that's a cool hundred Meseta fine to get a new one. Don't put magnets near it, don't try to pick locks with it, and for all that's sacred in Algo, do not spill coffee on it. You should have been around for what I shouted at Reichert when he dripped ice cream all over his. Yech."

"I was," Rio replied. "You sounded pretty mad."

"Hell, that was my tranquil fury," the Motavian interrupted. "Nowhere near actual tangible Motavian war-rage. Speakin' of war..." From under the robe, Pyke then drew a long rifle, carefully handing it to Rio. "There's yer gun back, Collins. Modded the loader so it can actually stand up to ya using that... what do ya call it? Rapid Shot?"


"Whatever. Anyways, it'll stand up ta repeat abuse this time. Stock's laerma now, so ya can bash somethin' with it if ya need to."

PostPosted: Thu May 29, '14, 12:14 am 
Mira blushes a little at Rio's tease. "Yeah, Rio, I'm pretty sure my teasing has already put him off me." She looks at Rio's rifle and notes how powerful it seems. "That's a pretty heavy-looking weapon to me. Are we going to be hunting something dangerous today?"

PostPosted: Thu May 29, '14, 2:17 am 
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Castiel noticed Mira blushing and he thought it was kind of cute. Before he could even think of saying anything Pyke returned and handed him his access card. The card was a simple gray card with the Motavian Guardians logo imprinted onto it's face. He stuck it in one of his pockets. He looked at Rio's rifle and had to admit that it looked pleasing.

"That's a pretty heavy-looking weapon to me. Are we going to be hunting something dangerous today?" Mira said.

"You know, rifles are a lot lighter than you would imagine," Castiel pointed to the scythe on his back, "especially when you're carrying this thing around everywhere."

PostPosted: Thu May 29, '14, 3:30 am 
Rebecca opened the flap on her satchel and placed the card inside. "So once we get our mission I need to find a place to change clothes. I didn't see a Inn or anything of the such nearby" Rebecca asked. Her attire was out of the ordinary and definitely not suited for combat.

"Oh by the way, from what I've seen you three appear to use claws scythes and guns." She said as she drew her sword from its sheath. "Now this is a weapon of choice. Zarina here has been in my family for years. Lightweight and durable. It always feels like my strength increases ten fold when I use her in battle." Rebecca prattled on. Pyke didn't look amused and began to get irritated with the rambling of the group.

PostPosted: Thu May 29, '14, 3:52 am 
Mira rubs her arm as she looks at the weapons the others are showing. "I must admit I'm not quite as strong as I should be; I can't even stand armor when I'm out in the desert..."

The young woman nods to Rebecca. "I can lead you to your room soon as we're done here- I assume you two will want to drop off your stuff before we head afield."

PostPosted: Sat May 31, '14, 2:02 am 
"Yeah, that's a good idea," Rio said as she strapped the rifle across her back, ready for use. "You don't want to travel too heavy, and never unarmed."

As Rio looked at Rebecca's sword, she felt a tinge of jealousy-- Rebecca called it "Zarina," said it was in her family for generations. Rio, on the other hand, owned a steel greatsword that once belonged to her grandfather. She hardly ever used it, preferring her rifle, but the sword bore no name, carried no history with it.

Rio pulled her watch out of her pocket, looking at the picture, checking the time. She let out a low whistle, then said, "We'd better hurry up-- Reichert doesn't really like having to wait."

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PostPosted: Sat May 31, '14, 2:24 am 
"Thanks a lot Mira, I didn't know we got our own rooms. I mainly had to commute from my home to the hunters guild every day." Rebecca couldn't wait to get back into her Hunter's gear. "And don't worry, you look pretty strong. I'm gonna be relying on you to have my back out in the field." Rebecca gave a wink to her new friend.

"We'd better hurry up-- Reichert doesn't really like having to wait."

It appeared the group was about ready to move on.

PostPosted: Sat May 31, '14, 5:50 am 
Mira takes the lead of the group as she talks. "Yeah. Being right by the quarantine zone, it would take forever and a half to commute here from Piata, so there's some decent accommodations here."

The hallway from the rest of the base opens into a common room, with a lightly-stocked bar on the right side (Just enough to ease the nerves, but short on enough ingredients to discourage excessive drinking), a sectional couch in the middle, and a table holding newspapers from the major cities and a couple of party games. On the left and rear walls are a series of doors, with the name of the assigned person on it- it looks like over half of the apartments are still vacant. Mira pulls out her card and demonstrates how to use the keycard on her own door. "You can set the lock to private so only you can get in, or you can set it to open, and any valid keycard can let you in. You have to use a card, though, to make sure there's a record of coming and going if any personal things go missing." Inside is a small entryway with a cubby hole for dirty boots, then a living/dining room with a simple table and chair; Mira has a radio and several notebooks on her table. "All the units are the same. You can eat and hang out here if you don't feel social or want privacy. Beyond is a small kitchen- talk to a quartermaster like Pike or go shopping when you have a day off to get some food. To the right is a bathroom- to save space, bathroom and shower stall are one and the same, just with the toilet and shower head on opposite corners." She heads left into the bedroom- there's a bed just large enough for two people, and a closet containing Mira's extra clothing. "All the stuff you left after you came in will be on your bed. It's not as fancy as the house my dad had bought for me, but it's nice and cozy."

She spins and heads back to the common room, "Alright, Rebecca, go ahead and change fast. Castiel, unless you forgot something, you can just sit down on the couch and wait for Mr. Reichert to come in and brief us."

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