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PostPosted: Sat May 11, '13, 3:41 am

There is a spirit which is holy within itself, a spirit of thought, of a form in unity,
A form without form, without price, giving shape to works, full of power,
Existing without impurity, in wisdom, in sinlessness, in the love of good,
Aware of itself, a form which cannot be touched, giving the power to do what is just,

A spirit that loves man, strengthening him, and binding him, taking away care, powerful
In every work, looking upon all things, penetrating within all spirits
Which are holy, giving thought to those things which are subtle.

Wisdom moves more than all things that move;
It penetrates and touches all things in its purity.

For it comes through the might of God,
And through the holy glory of the All-Creator;
For this reason it can never be defiled,

Passing in a light that is eternal,
A holy mirror of the energy of God,
And an icon of all that is good.

Alone in itself, powerful in every work,
And enduring in itself, bringing newness to all things,
And in every generation penetrating each soul that is holy,
Bringing it closer to God, and to the prophets.

For God loves no thing, unless it resides in Wisdom;

For this Wisdom is more beautiful than the living sun,
And greater than the order of all the stars.
And if they liken it to light, it will be first among lights;

For the sun is wont to give its place to night;
But Wisdom is never eclipsed by the dark.
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