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Chapter 1: The tree of rotting fruit!

In an unknown area within the Algol solar system a huge band of evil beings gathered all working underneath the iron fist of their emperor...


“No, no, noooooo!” A young dezorian girl screamed she had her hands tied behind her back as she was being pushed into a room by two very cruel looking chaos sorcerers. The young girl had green skin and short dark green hair she was wearing a white robe but it was badly torn. She looked almost like a martian, her race originated on the ice planet Dezolis.

“You might get lucky kid, maybe she’ll take a liking to you hahaha!” one of the chaos sorcerers laughed. Both of them were wearing long robes that reached down to the floor. They had solid looking masks covering their faces, similar to gas masks but with tusks and trunks to siphon oxygen into their inhuman bodies. They almost resembled elephant heads.

“Please let me go!” she begged. Tears began to form in her eyes.

“Just doing our job!” another chaos sorcerer replied.

Suddenly the three stopped and both chaos sorcerers grew silent and bowed their heads down in respect at the figure that was walking their way.

“Let me go!” the girl continued to scream frantically shaking her entire body trying to break free of their grip on her, it was useless however.

The figure came closer until he was in perfect view, he looked like a young man dressed in light black body armour and he was wearing a black cap with a red inlay. His hair was jet black and his eyes were stained an evil red. He glared at the three before him not saying a word.

“Master Zio” one of the chaos sorcerers replied.

“How are you sir?” the other responded they both sounded nervous.

“You’re Zio, so you’re the one behind all of this. The dark wizard. You must let me go right now I’m innocent I want to return to my home immediately!” The dezorian girl screamed.

Zio’s expression never changed. It was a very cold and blunt expression but his eyes seemed to pierce right into the soul. He was very intimidating. He didn’t respond to the girls cries but instead once again aimed his attention at his two slaves.

“You both realise what will happen if she is not successful?”

“Uh-aah.” One of the chaos sorcerers let lose a whimper in fear.

“Yes sir, as punishment for our uselessness we she be consumed by the origin of true evil” the other replied.

“That’s right. I hope for your sake it works out.” He replied walking off. “And girl, I’m not the one behind this I’m just following orders” Zio replied looking back over his shoulder at the dezorian girl.

“There’s someone even higher up?” the girl replied with a very worried expression on her face.

Before long the three entered a room, it was a very large empty looking room. But suddenly a force field made of some kind of high level magic appeared and a once invisible creature appeared within the force field unable to break out of it.

“Oh my god what is that thing?” the girl asked in horror.

One of the chaos sorcerers answered her question. “That is the Profound Darkness the root of all evil and all that is chaotic in our solar system.”

“How horrible. You keep something this dangerous chained away in your basement.”

“It would be impossible for us keep this entity in here. That high-quality magic force field you see in front of you is the work of emperor Lashiec!”


“You mean the tyrant that was killed by Alis Landale centuries ago. But that’s impossible.”

“He is very much alive and he is far more powerful than he was back then. Do not underestimate him, he’s captured this very powerful entity of great evil to further develop his plans for Algol.”

“We are all very excited to be a part of his great plan”

The dezorian girl looked up at the enormous beast before her. It looked like a large purple mass of fleshy limbs with multiple mouths full of fangs randomly placed all over its body. It had multiple red eyes littered throughout as well. It was hideous.

“Here’s hoping for good news then.” Suddenly the chaos sorcerers let go of the girl.

Before she fully realised she wasn’t being held anymore, another one shoved her very hard to the ground.

“Oh great Empress we bring forth a body for you to walk free within the Algol solar system alongside us and help fulfil our goal!” The chaos sorcerer shouted at the top of his lungs he had both arms in the air.

“You bring me yet another heap of useless garbage. You SICKENING CREATURES!” the profound darkness shouted. Its voice was incredibly evil and demonic, but a small female tone could be heard within it.

“Your empress please understand...” the other chaos sorcerer butted in trying to save their hides.

“Oh I understand perfectly. Please do not trouble yourselves” the hideous creature replied. It was amazing something so not-human could even speak a fluent understandable language.

Suddenly the green skinned girl on the ground clutched her head with both hands as her body began shaking back and forth violently.

“This girl is useless. You’ve INSULTED ME FOR THE VERY LAST TIME!” the profound darkness shouted.

Suddenly the dezorian girl and both chaos sorcerers began to watch their bodies decompose into nothingness right before their very eyes.

“Ah-waaahhh!” the chaos sorcerers screamed as they began to vanish, their lives erasing right in front of them.

“So this is what we’re up against a creature so powerful, that with a single thought it can kill life. Who could possibly beat something this strong, who?...” the dezorian girl asked herself before vanishing completely.



Sometime later....

“So what body are you looking for then, we’ve provided you with so many and you’ve killed all of them.” Zio asked he was standing in the isolated room alone with the profound darkness trying to come to an agreement with it.

“Oh I never thought you’d ask.” It replied sarcastically.

“Regardless of what you think we need you in a body so you are able to use the full extent of your powers for this goal. Let me know what you desire so we can move along with the plan as soon as possible.” Zio replied he was speaking with the profound darkness in a very clam yet businesslike manner. It was possible he was actually scared of it.

“Bring me the girl. Her name is Elisa Bragwin, her and I are...old acquaintances” the profound darkness replied.

Zio held out his hand and opened up his palm and a purple flame emerged. Suddenly images of a lovely young lady with beautiful blue eyes and gorgeous orange hair came into view.

“She’s very pretty.” Zio replied

“She was once my property. We spent quite a bit of time together upon my release until a handful of gods got between us. So you should be advised she’s going to be heavily guarded.”

“Well if this will make you co-operate and stop killing our sorcerers then I comply!”

“I beg to differ!” a very deep and powerful voice replied.

Suddenly Zio and the profound darkness both jumped with a little bit of shock.

“Emperor Lashiec” Zio replied he knelt down on the ground before the large zombie-looking overlord.

He was wearing a large torn cape and solid gold armour over his chest and arms. He had a black robe on, and a helmet with large curled horns sat upon his rotting head. He had very evil red eyes that sat buried in his skull. He was definitely not human.

“I am growing both sick and tired of watching you waste my resources” he replied talking directly to the profound darkness ignoring Zio’s respect towards him.


“How the chain of command has changed in just a mere two-thousand years you are weak and therefore you shall learn your place, sitting at the bottom of my food chain.”

“How I’d love to kill you Lashiec, you boil my very essence to its CORE!”

“You shall forever do as I say. I will see to it that you get that girl for your body but then all fun and games are over, and we shall bring this solar system into its rightful era.”

“Emperor Lashiec, sir if possible I’d like to handle gain of the girl if I may. You have far more important things to attend too am I right?” Zio replied trying to make use of himself.

“No, you shall put Juza and his apprentice to the task. I have far more important plans for you Zio. Going clothes shopping should have been the easiest of our concerns. Tell Juza this instant, I want him and his apprentice in charge of obtaining that girl, take any means necessary to get it done.”

“Yes sir right away.” Zio replied standing back up; he pulled is cape across his arm and bowed gracefully before the enormous terrifying zombie emperor. Zio was just about to teleport to locate Juza when he was stopped.

“Halt Zio! Upon your return I shall meet you at my throne room. We both must report out progress to Dark Force.”

“Yes sir of course. I look forward to communicating with Dark Force alongside you sir”

“Be gone then!”

“Yes Emperor Lashiec.” And with that Zio vanished.

“YOU DARE SPEAK THAT NAME AROUND ME!” the profound darkness shouted.

“Dark Force has accomplished everything that you could not he is a worthy entity and the only one fit to take this rotten solar system into a new era. You are not his successor; you are but an asset in this plan of ours. A weak-minded, self-centred creature such as yourself does not deserve to be glorified as the source of all things evil; that title has been given to its rightful owner.”

“YOU WILL SHUT YOUR MOUTH!” the profound darkness roared. It began smashing against the force field and using multiple energy based attacks even the mighty “Megid” attack was useless at breaking free.

“All your efforts are for naught, you will never break the power I have poured into creating that barrier around you. Only I can release you from it and I shall do so when I see fit. Until then you shall remain here in your rightful place. Out of my way!” Lashiec then turned away throwing his torn cape behind him he then walked into a dark swirling portal that opened up in front of him leaving the profound darkness alone with its own torment.



Zio appeared in a rather dim room accompanied by two figures. He approached an elderly man he was wearing a black robe and had heavy shoulder armour on his body as well. His hair was grey and his eyes although evil actually looked far more human than most.

“Master Zio” the elderly man replied bowing.

“Juza I have a request from emperor Lashiec himself.”

“Please continue sir”

“I will” the dark wizard replied. “This concerns both you and your apprentice.”

“Velvet come here a moment!” Juza shouted.

Another figure hurried over to the two, she was holding a very long chaotic looking staff in her left hand. “Master Juza, master Zio” she bowed politely in their presence.

Juza shot her a small smile but Zio didn’t respond to her at all.

Velvet was a skinny girl she was in her mid-to-late teens. She was wearing the standard black robe that most Dark Force cultists wore; it seemed to cover her entire body from her collar bone right down to the ground. She had short red hair tied off into a pony tail and blue eyes; she was lacking pupils however implying she wasn’t fully human.

“This girl her name is Elisa Bragwin. I want you to bring her back here use any means necessary to do so and do it quickly. She currently resides on the desert plant Motavia I’ve also been informed she has allied herself with the gods of Rykros due to some past-failures not-so-directly on our behalf. This may make your job more difficult. I don’t care what you do to get her here just make sure you do it without the gods noticing. If you fail and the gods get even the slightest clue about what’s going on I will kill you personally! Understand?”

I will kill you personally!” the words echoed through her head. “Yes I understand master Zio.” She simply replied after a small silence.

“Juza you shall report to me each time she reports to you, you won’t be leaving this place unless I say so.”

“Of course sir, all shall work out I promise.”

“I’ve heard that before. And Velvet; don’t fail me!” Zio replied he then turned and vanished completely from the room.

“This is your target.” Juza replied showing her an image of Elisa in a flaming ball of energy that sat in the palm of his hand.

“She’s a very pretty girl.” Velvet replied.

“Bring her back here so we can complete our goal for this solar system.”

“Yes master Juza. I will succeed.” She replied clutching her chaos staff tight with both hands.

“You are a part of something big, something that will change this solar system for the better. Velvet your story starts now!”

To be continued...

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