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PostPosted: Tue Aug 7, '12, 3:47 am
Chapter 5: The Blue Guy

"Stop staring at me like that for the seventh time."

Quincy replied for the seventh time, "But you're BLUE!"

After the prince and his cyborg companions found the hunters who were turned to stone, they unfroze them with some of the Alshline that they obtained from the cave. One of the hunters, a large native Motabian, decided to escort them to Neo Krup to help out the children for whom Quincy had originally started his journey.

Mieu fidgeted with her new claw and asked the Motavian, "We never got your name...what is it?"

"I'm Jo," the stranger replied, "But you can call me whatever you like. Most women call me handsome."

"I'll pass," Mieu snorted, "My name is Mieu. My companion over there is Searren, and I'm sure you know Quincy by now."

Quincy grinned, "That's me!" and continued to play with Jo's ponytail.

"Back off, kid!" the Motavian growled, then he threw Quincy over his head. The prince fell with a thump and the whole party fell silent. After a few seconds, Quincy burst into a fit of laughter.

"It's on, blue guy!" the prince leapt at the Motabian and the two began to wrestle. Searren and Mieu watched on with confusion. Mieu, worried, almost interfered until she saw that the two were smiling and chuckling. With a relieved sigh, Mieu placed her hands on her hips and impatiently waited for the two to finish.

Eventually, after Jo was named the victor, the group of four continued their journey and arrived at Neo Krup seconds before sundown.

Quincy healed the children, and after a check-up from Mieu, the youth made their ways home with their families. The prince and the two cyborgs watched on as their only source of adventure disappeared into four of the many huts in the town.

With the stars shining overhead, Quincy, Mieu, and Searren bought a room at the Krup Inn and settled down for the night. Searren assumed his regular position at the window to keep watch. Mieu curled up in a chair and set herself in power-recovery mode. Before climbing in the bed, Quincy stood at the window with Searren.

"Umm, question."

"Yes, Prince?"

"What do we do now? Everyone is working on that planet thing and dad is visiting with them."

"An answer will come with the sun, Prince. Until then, get some rest."



The sun rose, and the prince along with it. He rushed out of the doors of the inn and began his regular routine of food hunting.

"Where are you off to in a rush?"

Quincy turned around to find the large native Motabian leaning against the wall of the inn. He walked over to the prince. "Are you leaving so soon? I have a few questions to ask you."

"I have to go before Mieu--" before the prince could finish his excuse, Mieu stormed up to him with an angry expression.

"Quincy! Why don't you pay for anything?! You're a prince! You can afford it!"

"I didn't steal anything yet, Mieu!"

"Yet. That's the operative word."

While the two continued their daily bickering, Searren appeared. Jo, noticing his entrance, turned to him and asked him, "Where are you from? Your cyborg types aren't Motabian models."

The cyborg reacted in a manner similar to that of surprise. "That's quite an observation. Not many Algol natives notice that. However, we are from Algol. We are descendants from Palma."

Jo furrowed his furry brows. "That's impossible! Palma was destroyed over 3000 years ago.... unless you're time travellers or something."

The black cyborg shook his head. "Before Palma was destroyed, many Palmans escaped into dome spaceships. Some of those ships landed in Dezolis and Motabia, but many others drifted out of the star system. Our ship, called the Alisa III, was one of those that drifted away. After 2 centuries, with our sister ship, the Neo Palma, we've returned to Algol. Our difference in model is purely defined by location and knowledge of mechanics."

"That's unreal."

"That's the truth."

Mieu and Quincy's bickering died down as Jo processed his new information. When he finally accepted the facts, the Motabian faced Quincy and asked, "So you're their fearless leader, huh?"


"What a doomed people you lead."

Confused, Quincy followed Mieu to a vendor and blankly watched her as she purchased breakfast for him and their new Motabian companion. While the two ate breakfast, Jo asked Quincy, "What exactly is this Camineet thing?"

"I'm not really sure," Quincy scratched his head, "As far as I know, our pilots and Algol's pilots are working on it. Lachute's -- that's my kingdom-- our pilot, Rolz is in charge of the whole project."

Mieu added, "It's an artificial planet so that our kingdom will be able to live in Algol without over populating Motabia and Dezolis."

Jo nodded, "Okay, that makes sense. What kind of sorcerers are working on the project?"

"Sorcery?" Mieu cocked her head. "We don't practice magic. We are only programmed to use techniques. Some of the humans are called witches, but they use techniques as well."

"Really? I've heard rumors that you all have been using magic. A lot of Motabians believed that you were the ones that turned the hunters into stone."

Quincy shook his head. "The stone story is all new to us. I don't know who told you those lies, but we don't do stuff like that."

Jo furrowed his brows once again. "I don't like the sound of this already. It sounds like the mass confusion that was stirred up before Palma was destroyed so long ago." The Motabian rose to his feet and grabbed his travelling gear. "I'm going back to Aiedo. There are too many questions that need to be answered."

Mieu bowed. "Well, I hope that you can find all of your answers."

"Let's hang out again sometime," Quincy said.

"Thanks. Hey, you guys need to get your name cleared, too," Jo answered. With that, the Motabian made his way back to Aiedo.

Mieu turned to her prince with a smile. "Where to next?"

"To Camineet!"

Obediently, Searren followed the young prince and the other cyborg. Something tells me that we'll cross paths with Jo again, the black cyborg thought to himself, That involves us all way too much.

The trio had almost reached the spaceport when Quincy shouted, "Jo called me a bad leader!!!"
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