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Authors Note: The Mieu within this story of mine is NOT the same Mieu we all know and love from Phantasy Star III. Now that that’s out of the way please enjoy!

Chapter 13: Unlucky Number

“Mother Brain!” DG repeated it was clear why Mieu said such a thing you could say she was a direct descendent from her or even a mild reincarnation. However you looked at it Mother Brain was partly responsible for the creation of Digital Girl even if it wasn’t meant to be.

Suddenly Mieu flung her body into an upright position and leapt from the table jumping onto the floor.

Elisa jumped backwards rather nervously.

DG began to gain ground on a highly confused Mieu in a rather calm manner.

“DG please be careful of her” Elisa exclaimed in somewhat of a chocked out whisper.

Suddenly Elisa’s voice caused Mieu to direct her sights onto the gentle young woman.

“ are...a great evil one....Profound Darkness...tainted your body...threat!” Mieu was having a hard time processing her thoughts into words as she scanned Elisa and came to the conclusion she was a hostile target because of a previous bodily possession with the Profound Darkness.

“What!?” Elisa exclaimed slowly walking backwards.

“Mieu!” DG shouted in an angry voice. But it was clear she wasn’t listening or if she was she wasn’t interested in responding. “I never anticipated this outcome.” DG replied scratching her head.

Suddenly the gauntlets that hung around Mieu’s lower arms activated and two large long claws came sliding out. They were very shiny and clean and most-likely had never been used before.

Elisa’s heart sank. “Please don’t I didn’t do anything to you, I’ve never done anything!” she began to choke on her words and her eyes began darting around the room she couldn’t run as Mieu was before the stairs, and she was just cornering herself more and more in a panic.

“The Profound Darkness must be destroyed!” Mieu declared leaping into the air with her claws outstretched heading for Elisa’s throat.

“Noooo!” Elisa screamed.

Nothing happened however...

Elisa opened one eye, she was breathing heavily and her palms were sweating. She then gasped in shock as she seen Mieu had been frozen in mid-air during her attack position. Frozen, her feet were not touching the ground at all; she sat in the air completely still as though time around her had stopped.

Suddenly DG walked around from behind the floating android with a rather upset expression her face. “I’m sorry Elisa”

“DG” Elisa replied still staring at the immobilised red-headed android with her sharp claws still pointing outward.

“You will do exactly as I say from this point forward!” DG threatened Mieu. It was clear that DG was using her powers to stop her from moving.

“DG you’re amazing” Elisa replied under her breath with a small smile of relief.

Suddenly Mieu’s electric blue eyes moved and focused on DG. “Brain barrier hack overwritten. Dire situation must be concluded. The Profound Darkness must die!” Suddenly DG lost control and was wirelessly hacked-out of Mieu’s central systems.

“Huh, but how?....Oh, no, Elisa get back!” DG shouted pushing Elisa away with two hands shoving her to the ground in the process. Two very long sharp claws went straight through DG’s body, spilling silver blood all over the room.

Elisa was holding her head as she looked up and seen DG hanging in the air off Mieu’s long claws. Silver blood had splattered on her legs, dress and face, it felt cold and thick.

“Aaahhhhh!!!” Elisa screamed

“!” DG choked out in a voice that didn’t sound female at all but somewhat robotic and static.

“But...but” she was lost for words it was clear she wanted to stay and help.


Without a second thought Elisa rushed past the two and straight up the stairs and out of the room.

Mieu then flung DG’s lifeless body to the ground she splashed in her own blood which was continuously running from the opened wounds located on her chest, and stomach area.

“Eliminated!” Mieu replied looking upon DG’s mangled body. Mieu then turned and began to advance up the stairs only to come to a sudden halt.

Autumn was standing in the door way with two very long sharp claws of her own hanging off her hands. Her faced expressed signs of sheer anger and her eyes were fixed on the out-of control android.

“Stand aside!” Mieu commanded.

“Make me!” Autumn replied.

Mieu then thrashed her claws at Autumn only to become locked in against her own claws. Both girls then flung themselves free and began taking dangerous swings at each other, ducking and blocking with their weapons, loud clanking noises could be heard when the claws struck against each other.

Unlike Mieu however Autumn started losing her breath, sweat ran down her forhead, she flung long strands of green hair from her face and blocked an oncoming attack from Mieu knocking her backwards. She regained balance however.

Suddenly Autumn took notice of DG’s body lying completely still on the floor in her own liquid. Her eyes widened in shock. “Oh, my goodness, what on Rykros, did you do?” she screamed at Mieu.

“Dangerous threats protecting the Profound Darkness must be destroyed.” She answered.

“You’re malfunctioning, you’ve been out of service for so long you’ve internally fried. No one here is a threat or protecting the Profound Darkness. We don’t even know where the Profound Darkness is at the moment.”

“You lie, and now you die!” Mieu bluntly responded ignoring the truth.

She then flung her claw outward aiming for Autumn’s head which Autumn quickly ducked under and a second attempt with her other arm caused Autumn too block it with her own claw and smash her arm aside.

Mieu then took a step forward somewhat letting her guard down at the same time. Autumn then advanced on the android leaping off the ground and diving downwards slamming her long silver claw into the android’s right leg, she watched as the claw emerged out the underside of her leg.

This caused Mieu to come to a halt, it was clear she didn’t feel physical pain and no blood or liquids emerged from her body.

“Oh crap!” Autumn exclaimed, thinking how stupid that was just now, she was fighting a losing battle. As she began to tug on her claw she realised it was locked inside her leg possibly entangled amongst wires and skeletal structure. “Damn it!” Autumn began frantically shaking her wrist but her weapon would not come out.

Suddenly Mieu raised her leg which Autumn was connected to and forcefully kicked Autumn in the ribs making her claw disconnect from her wrist and sent her flying into a wall, she was clutching her throbbing chest in pain.

Autumn looked up, her vision was a little blurry, she was coughing and still trying to get air into her lungs but breathing seemed difficult. She looked on as Mieu began coming toward her.

Autumn began to pull herself up standing on two feet she was stumbling around a bit and now only had one claw compared to Mieu’s two, three if you included the one stuck in her leg not that she could fight with it.

“Bring it on then!” Autumn challenged not giving up. Suddenly her hand began to glow a bright orange. “This is really going to level me afterwards” Autumn wasn’t very good with techniques she could do a few but always got extremely exhausted after performing them. Suddenly the orange glow in the palm of her hand turned into a ball of flame which travelled up her entire arm it was as though her arm was burning. In reality it wasn’t burning her at all as it was her own energy.

“...Magic!” Mieu responded she stopped in her position, she was like a bug attracted to a bright light, hypnotised by the flame.

“GiFoi!” Autumn shouted throwing the ball of fire toward Mieu, it had a huge tail of fire following it then it smashed into the android scorching her upper body and knocking her downwards. Suddenly a blast of blue energy came out of nowhere smashing into her from behind causing her to fall forwards onto her face. Smoke began to rise from her body and sizzling and crackling noses could be heard. She was damaged now.

Autumn fell to the ground unconscious blood ran from both her nostrils. She put far too much energy into that attack fortunately for her it hit her target.

DG began stumbling forwards, blue electricity was circling her body the holes in her chest and stomach began to fill in with skin, she was automatically healing herself. Her clothes were drenched in her own silver blood, it had dried in her hair causing it to stick together in patches.

Mieu then began to climb back to her feet. As she turned around DG slapped her with such force using the back of her hand it caused several teeth to fly out as well as make one of her eye balls fall from its socket exposing some wires at the same time.

“There is no way a form of existence at your level could ever defeat me, I will admit I wasn’t expecting a backlash when I took control of your body, but thinking to have eliminated me is when I truly knew you had indeed malfunctioned.” As DG spoke blue flames began to engulf her body she was not happy at all. “It’s my fault I brought you here, and endangered both my friends, the only way to make everything right Mieu is if I shut you down permanently. I can’t forgive you for this even if you are malfunctioning against your will. I’m...sorry for everything. I pitty you for the fact you cannot tell the difference between innocent people and evil forces.”

Mieu turned around her destroyed face locked onto DG, she was a sight to behold, such raw power, blue and white flames covered her body as she began to float into the air. To Mieu, her power level seemed as though it was beyond anything yet encountered in the solar system.

“Such a powerful entity, you are neither, human, nor computer, nor god, just what are you?” Mieu asked herself. Her question would go unanswered as she began to break away, her body crumbling to the ground and scorching to nothingness. DG held out her hands and released an all mighty Nova Beam attack erasing Mieu’s existence.

DG then turned away from the ashes of the psychotic android's body and her flames and energy began to disappear from around her own body. She looked over at Elisa who had entered the basement once again and was clutching an unconscious Autumn. The tears in Elisa’s eyes as she looked on worried about her friend somehow unlocked an emotion within DG.

“What is this horrible feeling, what have I done?” DG asked herself.

to be continued...

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