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Chapter 4:Crossing Paths

The second planet Motabia nearly sizzled as the star of Algol rose above the skies. As the man's boots touched the surface of the earth, the warm ground hissed at the coolness of his soles. Ahead of him was the wreckage of a domeship that had crashed millenia ago.

The magician looked around him and recounted the last time he had been in that spot. Not much had changed, yet it seemed as if he no longer recognized where he was anymore. A gentle breeze blew, and he continued to stand there, enjoying his surroundings.

I'm here on a mission, he reminded himself, then resumed his journey to Aiedo.

The city guards stiffened as he approached them and granted him access. Unbothered by their reaction, the magician continued on his way to the edge of the town. Townspeople stared at the strange visitor as he walked by, but he paid them no attention. His eyes remained fixed on his destination.

The destination was an old house. The wood that held it together was beginning to rot from age, and dust coated every inch. The magician turned the knob gingerly and, after wiping the dust from his hands, entered.

Memories flooded his head the second his feet touched the ground of the old house. He could vividly remember the meals he had with his closest friend, the conversations he had with his companions and the constant comfort he provided to his protege. Where there are empty rooms, he could see made beds and pictures on the walls. In the silence, he could hear laughter and bickering. For the first time since he stepped into Aiedo, the stranger smiled.

I'm on a mission, he reminded himself once again, and he proceeded to the room at farthest end of the abandoned house.

Kneeling down, the magician tore up the floorboards and reached down as far as he could. The tips of his fingers touched something fuzzy, and it scurried away in response. Moving his hand over to the left, he came in contact with the thing that he was searching for: a claw. Lifting it out from its hiding place, the magician inspected it. The sun reflected off of it, almost blinding him. There were no signs of chips or rusting.

It's as if it had preserved itself until I came for it, he thought, amazed at its condition. He rose to his feet and, dusting himself off, left the house. He hid the claw in his robe and made his way back toward the entrance of Aiedo. Before he could realize what happened, though, he crashed into someone and his newly claimed claw was knocked out of his robe.

The magician recovered and picked up the claw. "Excuse me, sir, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. Forgive me."

He looked at his victim. Accompanying him was an android -- a very old one at that! -- and a woman. The woman replied to him, "It wasn't your fault at all. If anyone should be asking for forgiveness, it should be him. He doesn't watch where he's going."

"Are you alright, ma'am?" the "victim" asked.

"MA'AM?!" shocked, the magician drew back. "I am not a woman! I look nothing like a woman!!"
However, he was used to being called a woman. His long, white-blue hair and slender figure is rather effeminate, and has been the source of gender confusion for years. For some reason or another, the accusation still seems new to him.

The accuser furrowed his brows and replied, "If you weren't wearing a dress, maybe I wouldn't make that mistake.."

Before he could finish the last words, his female companion whacked him in the back of his head. "Quincy! Watch your tongue! You just knocked him over-- and still haven't apologized, by the way-- and now you are being inconsiderate! You were raised better than that! Show some manners!!"

The magician sighed. "Ma'am, it's fine. There's no need to cause a commotion over something as simple as bumping into me -- you can let go of his ear-- I'm sure the both of us are in health."

The woman let go of "Quincy"'s ear. The boy rubbed it and cocked his head. "Ummm... question."

"Yes, what is it?" the magician replied.

"That claw-- what are you going to do with it?"

"The claw... yes. It belongs to someone special, and it is my mission to deliver it."

"Oh. I'm Quincy, by the way," he extended his hand, "Quincy de Lachute."

Reluctantly, the magician accepted it. "My name is.... Virgil."

The woman spoke up. "I'm Mieu, and that's Searren over there." The woman pointed at the android. "We are Quincy's cyborgs. Also, if you don't mind, may I see that claw? It looks very interesting."

Virgil handed her the claw and watched her in amazement. She doesn't even look like a cyborg, yet her partner looks archaic...who are these people?

Suddenly, he felt like the claw belonged with them. There was an inexplicable peace knowing that it was in their hands.

"I can't help but wonder: Where are the three of you headed?" the magician queried.

"Right there to the Hunter's Guild. We just got some Alshline and we're giving it to them." Quincy grinned with pride at his accomplishment.

Virgil nodded, and with a soft, "Farewell," he turned from the trio and continued on his way out of Aiedo.

"Wait!!!!! Your claw!!!!!" Mieu cried out, but he didn't respond. When there was no hope of contacting him, Mieu stashed the claw in her pack and joined to two men, who were discussing what to do after they provided the Alshline.

"I think we're just gonna wing it," Quincy concluded. Not surprised at all, Mieu followed as the prince of Lachute and Searren entered the Hunter's Guild.


"Thank you very much!" the receptionist cheered. "Here; take a couple with you for the journey."

Quincy received three bottles of Alshline and tapped his chin in thought. "Hey,lady.. if there were no Hunters to get this stuff, then who will unfreeze them?"

"I hadn't thought of a plan yet. I might call some espers to do it. Or maybe if the new space travellers has an army, I could see if I could get assistance from them.."

"We'll do it!" the prince decided without consulting his companions. Mieu simply shook her head.

Searren turned to Mieu. "There have been many times when the prince, due to obligation, has offered to help citizens in need. This town has a shortage of defense. Quincy, although he doesn't realize it, is simply doing his duty by serving the Hunter's Guild."

Mieu shrugged. "I know that, but we don't know what we're going up against."

Searren mused, somehow making it obvious although he displays no emotions. "We've defeated the Dark Force; I'm positive that we can handle this."

Mieu smiled and the three of them left the receptionist's presence. The receptionist watched them leave in awe of the male cyborg's last comment. Who are these people, she asked herself.

Whoever they are, I have a feeling that they are going to change the world.
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