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PostPosted: Fri Mar 30, '12, 7:21 am
Chapter 12: Within Mild Progress

DG slowly entered the dark room climbing down the staircase. She was well aware of where she was going. She didn’t even bother to manually flick on the light switch. She came to a halt when she arrived at a table. DG then raised her hand and snapped her fingers blessing the dark basement room with light.

On the table in front of her laid a woman with brilliant red hair she was wearing what looked like a robotic leotard, it was crimson red in colour and very shiny. She had padding on her knees and long boots which ran up her legs. Her eyes were tightly shut.

DG didn’t say anything as flicked a few strands of red hair from the androids face.

“She’s a lovely looking android isn’t she?” a calm voice asked.

DG knew automatically it was Elisa. “Her design is appealing, yes.”

“You seem troubled, very troubled. Did something happen between you and De-Vars?”

“No not really....”

Elisa got closer to the petite girl before her. “DG you’re worrying me, and Autumn. She told me upstairs before what you rambled about after you woke up. I just wanted a chance to talk to you.”

“I’m disappointed; I had put too much faith into De-Vars to tell me I had a soul, something that signifies I’m a living entity."

“I...believe you are alive” Elisa replied.

DG smiled at Elisa’s reply “The reason I wanted to bring Mieu back with us was because I wanted to talk to her about her existence. Much like me she was created by the people of this solar system who were created by the great light. However she was created on purpose, I was an accident...”

“DG, don’t say that!”

“It’s true Elisa. Mother Brain’s violent clash with the Hapsby unit, over two-thousand years ago spawned my existence, it was never planned and I was never given a purpose. Mieu was given a purpose she had an enormous production range of androids like her created. I’m aware this Mieu is not the original but, she serves the same purpose.”

Elisa walked around the other end of the table and scanned the sleeping android before her. She then nodded at DG signifying she understood what DG wanted.

DG smiled “You know Elisa, you and you alone are the sole reason I decided to enter the Algol solar system in physical form. So thank you very much, even though my introduction to this world was rather disappointing I’m very glad I met you and Autumn.”

“Aww, DG you’re starting to sound like your departing us or something.” Elisa replied

“Don’t be silly I’ll be here for a long while yet.”

A long wire cord began unravelling itself from underneath a nearby desk and began floating in midair toward DG, it stretched out like a long thin snake, before she grasped it with her hand.

Elisa seemed rather surprised that DG was able to maneuver objects without even physically grabbing them.

“I can’t do this to all objects you know Elisa”

“Sorry?” it was obvious Elisa was confused

“I can’t telepathically move all objects they must be electronic or digital in origin. Also I’ve been running around inside Mieu for a little while now she seems fine internally she just needs a good jolt to boot her up. I could take over her body and use it as a vessel but that would defeat my purpose of reactivating her now wouldn’t it?”

“You’re a very complex individual DG” Elisa commented

“I’ll accept that as a compliment” she smiled.

DG slightly lifted Mieu’s head from the table. DG’s fingers seemed quite delicate and bony even though she technically had no bones in them at all. She had noticeable blue fingernails, it’s assumed to be nail polish but in truth they were deliberately blue in colour when she designed her form, it was probably to match her hair colour. DG then inserted the long wire cord into the back of Mieu’s upper neck inside a small opening, she then lay the android’s head back down gently.

Elisa’s eyes trailed over the wire cord and she noticed it lead to a very small generator which she was unaware they even owned. She came to the conclusion it either belonged to Hank or Will or it was something DG acquired. She was going to ask but stopped as she noticed Mieu’s face twitch a little.

DG ‘s left hand began to glow a soft blue she then gently took Mieu’s hand and was inserting digital energy into her just with a touch.

Elisa had firmly gripped her own wrist and was pushing both hands close to her chest in suspense, not blinking as she began slowly seeing Mieu’s body come to life.

DG then let go of Mieu and removed the cord from her neck chucking it carelessly onto the floor. She leant forward over the android and peered down at her sleepy looking face. Long strands of blue hair began to fall downward and end just before touching Mieu’s synthetic skin. DG was eagerly waiting for her to awaken.

“Is it done already?” Elisa asked

“Hmmhmm” DG simply replied not removing her gaze.

Suddenly without warning two very large electric blue eyes opened.

Elisa jumped a little not expecting it.

DG began to softly smile slightly showing her charming white teeth.

“Eye restoration complete, vision at one-hundred percent” Mieu announced she sounded female of course, but had a slight robotic echo to her voice as she spoke.

Mieu’s eyes were darting around the room looking everywhere, she came to an abrupt halt when she realised a humanoid girl was looming over her face.

DG was just about to speak to the awakened android until she blurted out...

“Mother Brain!”

to be continued....

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