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PostPosted: Sat Sep 3, '11, 6:56 pm
Epilogue: Forgotten

Many years have passed, possibly centuries. The Alisa III is now teeming with people, both Palman and Terran. More settlements have been built in the numerous domes, including the beautiful green land of Elysium. The settlements are simple for the most part and their inhabitants live humbly off the resources available.

One day a group of young adventurers decide to scale a nearby mountain. While negotiating a rather dangerous trail, the youngsters come across a single skeleton lying in the dust. Lying on the ground near it is a heavy blade, probably from some sort of sword. If it is a sword, the haft would have long since decayed and the blade itself is cankered with rust.

A closer inspection by our young observers will reveal a slight fracture in one of the skeleton’s hands, as well a missing lower mandible, which will be found a few yards away near the edge. For several minutes the adolescents look, scrutinize and point at the skeleton, making jokes and speculations about how it got there. One suggests that he was a bandit leader who had been betrayed by his men and left for dead. Another suggests that he was also a robber, but instead of being a leader, he was a low-level grunt who had been executed and disposed of in the mountain for being a stool pigeon. A third suggests that he was merchant who had been sequestered by thieves and ultimately slain by them.

It will never occur to them that the bones before them belonged to a great fighter from the Layan people, who have ceased to be called that name. Nor will it occur to them that said fighter had played an integral role in ending a war between the inhabitants of the ship so many generations before. Moreover, those youths will never imagine that the remains of the man before them was a great dragon knight, who possessed the magical ability to transform into a creature of legend, an ability reserved for a select few among the ancient Layan people.

They will not think of those things. No, they will simply look at the skeleton for a few moments until their interest wanes, after which they will resume their trip. They hope that they will find more skeletons along the way, but they will be disappointed. In the end, they will descend the mountain and return to their homes, leaving the bones of Ryan, the Layan rebel leader, to be forgotten upon the mountain path.
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