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Chapter 3: Scars Revealed!

Both hunters were now inside the huge restaurant, the place was covered with clean red carpet, glass tables and chairs were seated all over the place; and an enormous glass window stretched all around the room. Both planets Palma and even Dezolis could be seen from the windows in the brilliant night sky, it was a true feast for the eyes.

“This is amazing” Autumn exclaimed totally forgetting about seeing the Saccubus just moments ago. “So where are we?” she asked.

“The name of the area that this restaurant is located in is actually classified surprisingly, most of the area beneath us, considering we are very high up belongs to the Motavian government and is also a nesting place for dragons, well what remains of their species. I presume it's because of the dragon's, regular people are not allowed here. But tonight is somehow an exception. So enjoy it while you can”

“So many people too” Autumn replied looking around, everyone looked fabulous, a mixture of races could found from humans, motavians and even a few dezorians were here. Autumn of course was the only one with pointy ears, although her ears were not as long as most numans. A fuzzy yellow musk cat was sitting on a large chair talking to some motavians and laughing with them. Not to far from both hunters.

“Hey Will, a talking cat!” she whispered trying not to be heard aloud
“Would you believed it if I said he's second in charge of the all the Guilds found on Motavia?”
Will nodded.
“That's pretty cool, he must be a really good fighter then, I suppose his animal instincts would get the better of any enemy”
“Yeah word is he's also met the great Myau which is the very same musk cat that travelled with Alis Landale all those years ago.”
“No way, Myau is still alive?”
“So they say, but, he's been in hiding for a very long time now”

“So if he's second in charge who owns the entire hunter's division on Motavia then?”
“I'm not entirely sure, to be honest. It's also classified, so classified that not even Hank or myself would ever know in our lifetime”
“Huh, I wonder why they withhold so much information? Seems a little strange if you feel you can't trust the people who fight for your planet.”
“Yeah tell me about it” Will replied somewhat disappointed with the truth.
“Well go find a table then. I'll be over soon I'm just going to go over there for a moment to talk with Hank.” The motavian was talking to another group of motavians he obviously knew quite well.

It didn't really matter where Autumn chose to sit as long as it was by a window so she could view the beautiful Algol night sky. It felt like a blessing to her to see the solar system this way with so many special people. “I wish Elisa and Isa were hunters, then they could experience this too” she said to herself.


After starring at the sky for a while she heard the voice of a women.

“Uh, excuse me young lady” Autumn turned and saw a young women dressed in a long clean white robe, she had short blue hair a very cheerful looking smile. “Hi my name is Kyra. Kyra Tierney. I'm an esper from Dezolis.”
“You're an esper?”
“Yeah, I am so are you having good night sweetie?”
“Well I’ve only been here about ten minutes, but I really like this place.”
“That's good to hear, hey what's your name?”
“Uh, Autumn Erra”
“Autumn would you mind looking into this crystal ball for me I just want you to tell me what you see okay” Kyra said pulling the ball from within her robe and handing it to the numan next to her.

Autumn gently grabbed the ball and peered in to it. What she saw before her was her own reflection but...her skin was covered in purple slash markings.
“I, I don't understand” she said turning away from the ball looking at her arms. They were fine, she looked at her refection in the window it was fine also, her skin was clean, there was no purple slashes on her at all.

“Is this a joke?” Autumn said kind of annoyed.
“No it's not!” Kyra replied with disappointment on her face.
“But...” Autumn stopped talking as she once again stared at her reflection in the crystal ball. Her entire body from what could be seen of her skin was littered with thin purple slashes.

“What is wrong with me? How come it only shows up in this ball?”
“That's because regular people cannot see it. I don't need the ball to see the markings on you. That's why I wanted to talk to you.”
“What a fine way to ruin the night. I'm a purple freak, I see worms and strange faces appear in my sleep!” Autumn said to herself. She then banged her head on the table in frustration.
“Listen Autumn please don't be like that, I want to tell you something if I may?” Kyra said putting her hand on Autumn's hand in the middle of the table. Her grip was rather comforting and warm.

“Now please take what I’m going to say to you very seriously, and also please know that I am going to help you get over it. I'm actually very glad I ran into you here.”
Autumn waited for Kyra to break the news to her. Her heart was beating a little faster than usual now.
“You are being followed by a...Saccubus!”

Autumn suddenly remembered what Elisa told her this morning.
“It sounds as though you've had an out of body experience with a Saccubus” Elisa's words repeated in her head.

“After the night is over please wait for me at the Guild okay, can you do that?”
Autumn was somewhat lost in a trance.
“Hey Autumn” Kyra waved her hand in front of her face.
Autumn suddenly came too. “Um sure Kyra, thanks for wanting to help me.”
“No problem, please don't let it bother you okay enjoy the night” Kyra got up from the table and lightly jogged over to a group of cloaked people. Obviously more espers. Some of them were starring at Autumn making her feel slightly uncomfortable.

(“They can no doubt see those hideous markings on me too”) Autumn shivered as she thought to herself.
“Who was that?” Will asked as he sat down at the table with two glasses of fresh lemonade sliding one glass over to Autumn.
“Her name was Kyra, she wants to speak to me when the night is over” Autumn replied spinning the straw around in her glass. The ice was making a tink!, tink! nose as it hit the edge.

“Um, Will...”
“Can you see any strange purple markings on my body?” Autumn shot out.
“What!, where the hell did that come from? Are you sure you're okay? you've been rather unusual today Autumn”
Of course he couldn't see them not even she could, only an esper could see the true evil that somehow scarred her body.
Autumn never answered Will's question, she instead looked out at the two glowing planets in the sky before her.

“The creatures themselves don't work directly under the Profound Darkness herself, but rather share ties with Dark Force.” Elisa's words repeated in her mind once again.
(“What does Dark Force, want with me?”) Autumn thought to herself. She suddenly remembered seeing the huge hulking beast on Soldiers Island many months ago. His raw power destroyed the place. Fortunately for her and her friends they were saved by the god Re-Faze.

Will grabbed Autumn's hand with both of his and stared into her eyes. “Autumn I don't want you to ruin this night for yourself now please tell me what is troubling you?”
Autumn knew he was worried about her, she took in a deep breath then replied. “I'm being followed by a Saccubus!”

“Oh...” Will was lost for words. He then glanced over at the group of espers who were now all talking amongst themselves and chatting away. “She said she was wanting to help you right?”
“Right” Autumn simply responded.
The two sat in silence for a while until a waitress came along and presented them both with a huge plate full of salad, meat and pasta each. They also had their drinks refilled there and then too.

“It smells great” Autumn said trying to start up a conversation again.
“You think you can eat it all?”
“Haha you bet” she said grabbing her knife and fork.

The rest of the night the two hunters spent talking with everyone, Autumn was introduced to over ten different people. She even performed some of her card tricks for them which they were most impressed with. She even taught a few of them different ways to shuffle decks. The night began to end with a very slow dance. Hunters who had partners were gently swaying back and forth on the dance floor under a slow moving disco ball.

“You wanna dance?” Will shot at Autumn, not knowing what response he would get from her.
“I'll fall on my butt” she replied raising her leg reminding him of her high-heeled shoes.

All in all she tried her best to have a fun time, and deep down she knew it was fun but she couldn’t shake the fact that she had a dark being following her. Not only that it left a brand mark all over her body.
Autumn glancing out at the planets in the night sky thought to herself (“I suppose my case isn't as bad considering Elisa was possessed, by the leader of these creatures but still. That crystal ball, it showed a completely different me. My body. I hate to admit it but I'm a little scared”)

Before they knew it, it was well and truly past eleven-o'clock, most people were leaving at their own pace.
“You ready to go?” Will asked. Leaning his hand out toward Autumn who was still sitting in the chair.
She wrapped her fingers in between his as he pulled her to her feet.
As the two made their way to the teleporter, the musk cat noticed them. “Hey you two, hope you had a great evening, we really appreciate the job that you do for our planet, it was a pleasure having you here.”
“Thank you sir, it was a pleasure to be here” Will replied. He'd never called a cat sir before.
“An you little missy, those card tricks were quite amazing you're very talented indeed, take care now. Hope to see you again next year!”
“I'm glad you liked them, good bye sir” Autumn smiled at the cat as she continued walking after Will.

“Kyra said she would meet me at the Guild”
“Well that's where we're headed now!” Will replied stepping into the teleporter.

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