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The local tavern was full of the nastiest, and rudest people who had ever lived. As Celeith entered the building three men were in a fist fight over the tightly clad woman in the corner. Celeith glanced around, someone in this tavern had to have the information she was seeking.

"Hey there babe, *hic* what say you and me head outside and have a little smoochie smoochie huh? *hic*"

A local man said. It was clear he was drunk far beyond normal means. Celeith brushed the man off, he placed his hand firmly on her rear. She grabbed the mans hand, moving his hand she twisted his wrist, the sound of bone could be heard breaking.

"Disgusting pig, rather then groping me you should try and tend to that broken wrist, as well as that caved in rib cage."

Celeith said. The man was so drunk he didn't realize his wrist was broken, in a quick move Celeith rammed her knee straight into his chest. The man fell to the ground, being knocked out many of the fights in the tavern stopped then started up again.

"Idiots, guess I'll get something to eat while I'm here."

She said as she walked through the tavern. She placed an order and sat patiently for her food to arrive. Her gaze turned to her side, she saw a familiar face sitting a few stools away from her. The fear on the young girls face disappeared as she saw Celeith. The two talked for a brief moment, knowing they were both from Landen they had to move to a more secluded area.

At the inn Celeith removed her fur cloth placing it on the back of the chair. The young girl, no more then the age of fourteen hugged Celeith with glee, it was as if she had not seen a friend in many years.

"Lady Tia, the last time I saw you was the day of the wedding. You were cleaning the throne room the day I left, but that was many moons ago. How did you manage to get from Landen Castle to this small town?"

Celeith asked the young maid. Tia stopped hugging Celeith and the two sat down near the fireplace. She looked as if she had the sound of abandonment in her voice.

"On the day of the wedding Lady Maia was kidnapped by a dragon. That is the rumor I heard, I do not know it to be true or not. I was in town when the kidnapping took place. The gates of the castle shut, and had not opened for many hours."

Tia explained. Celeith revealed it was a dragon that kidnapped Lady Maia, and that Rhys had escaped the castle with the aid of Princess Lena.

"I had no idea Lena aided him in his escape. I came across him as I left Landen, not able to return to the castle I followed him against his wishes. We travelled to the town of Ilan, then northeast to the secluded lake. There we met an android named Mieu. She had a sad look on her face, as if she had been alone for a long time. Afterwards we travelled to the island in the middle of the great lake where we met a young man named Lyle. He gave us the item that allowed us passage into the lands of Cille."

She continued to go on, Celeith looked very interested in Tia's story. She picked her cup and drank a sip of the warm tea that was inside.

"As we left Lyle approached me, he told me if our travels ever come to Rysel that I should wait here at the inn. When we came to the lands of Cille I was reluctant to leave Lord Rhys at first, but I knew the journey would become more dangerous and I would only be a burden. I decided to wait here for my lord, its been many moons since that day."

The sun began to set and the night slowly crept upon them. The wind howled outside and the snow continued to fall from the sky. The two talked for many hours that night, and after a good rest the sun rose in the sky once again.

"I think we should stay in Rysel for awhile. Seeing as no word of Rhys has come up lately its safe to assume he hasn't returned from his quest yet. It would also be safer for you lady Tia if I stayed with you, if anyone found out you were from Landen they may try to imprison you, or worse."

Celeith explained. The two left the inn and started going towards the local market. Many of the stalls were closed, the snow covered most of them. The few that had merchants in them were selling food, weapons, and clothes. A few townspeople walked the streets that day, many of them clothed in large furs, the others barely dressed for the cold climate.

One of the townspeople, cloaked in fur bumped into the young Tia and continued walking without apologizing.

"How rude, the least he could of done was... Wait.. my purse!!"

Tia shouted. The man began running down the streets, the two gave chase. It was hard to see the man, his cloak as white as the snow surrounding the streets made him blend well into the environment.

"I think he went this way!"

Celeith said as the two dashed into the alleyway. The alley was dark, creepy and turned into a dead end. Standing at the end was the cloaked figure, as well as a smaller person cloaked in the same cloth. Celeith drew her sword from its sheath, the man threw the purse towards the two.

"First you steal her belongings, then you just give them back without a fight. I don't get it?"

She said as she pointed her sword towards the two. The man removed his cowl, his emerald hair glistened in the sunlight. The smaller figure removed her cowl as well, standing before Celeith was a familiar face.

"Lord Lyle, and... Princess Lena? What are you doing here?"

Tia said as she picked up her purse. Celeith was surprised to see Princess Lena had made her way into the lands of Cille. Who is this mysterious stranger Tia claims is Lyle, and what is his connection with Princess Lena? There were many questions to be asked, as there were many answers to be given. In time all would be explained, but for now it was safe to say there was more going on then just the single kidnapping of Lady Maia.
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