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PostPosted: Sat Jul 2, '11, 7:44 am
"You abandoned her! You let my sister die! I can never forgive you for that!"

A voice shouted out to Celeith. Her eyes opened, her body jerked upwards. She woke in a cold sweat, her heart was racing as she grabbed her chest.


Was the only word she said. Celeith calmed her nerves and looked around, blankets covered her body and the warmth of a fire could be felt from outside the small tent. A cool breeze blew through the cloth that covered the doorway.

"Where am I, the last thing I remember was jumping into the river."

Celeith thought to herself as she walked out of the tent. The light of the sun blinded her for a brief moment. When she regained her vision she noticed snow falling from the sky, many tents surrounded the one she had just left, and a small group of people were gathered around the campfire.

"Thank heavens ye be alright young one. We thought ye frozen to death when we found ye stranded alone out there."

A elderly woman spoke as she approached Celeith. Her body was covered in fur hides, the pelt of a wolf wrapped around her shoulders, and a bow stapped to her back. Despite her appearance of age, the woman seemed knowledgeable of the land.

"Where am I? And who do I have the honor of thanking for my safety."

Celeith asked. The woman placed her hands on the wolf head and pulled it back off her head. Her long black hair blew in the wind, her eyes were as gold as the brightest coin.

"I am Remi, elder and leader of this caravan. A group of my hunters found ye passed out near the hotsprings just north of our campsite. At first we thought ye dead, but upon close examination we found ye had a faint breath of life. From there they brought ye back and it was I who nursed ye these past two weeks."

The elderly woman said. Celeith still felt weak but had enough energy to walk with Remi.

"Two weeks? It was the middle of spring when I left Landen but now it appears to be winter. Where exactly am I anyways?"

Celeith asked. The two sat near the campfire, two hunters walked by carrying the body of a wild Moos over their shoulders. Remi pointed them towards the other men who were sharpening their knives, the caravan would eat well this day.

"Landen ye say? A word of advice, in the lands governed by the king of Cille, ye best not let people know ye from Landen. But let a elderly woman know. How did ye come to this land when the cavern connecting the two lands has been blocked for many moons?"

Remi asked the shivering traveller. Celeith explained what had happened, how she had left the kingdom of Landen, her jumping into the river to cross into the Satera region of the kingdom. It seemed odd to Celeith how she came to the lands of Cille. Even if she was washed downstream the river should of sent her into the lake south of Landen castle, not into the lands of the Layans.

"Legend has it there are underground waterways that leads to many lands. Ye must have stumbled into one of them in the river ye jumped into. How ye managed to survive is nothing more then a miracle my young traveller."

She explained to Celeith. It had been to long since Celeith left that day, had Rhys found lady Maia by now, or was he still on his journey. These thoughts crossed Celeith's mind, but in the end she still continued to think she had betrayed her friend.

"Is there a town nearby?"

Celeith asked. Remi nodded her head and turned south. She pointed her finger towards the direction along the coast of the frozen lake.

"If ye follow the lake south the town of Rysel ye will pass through. If it be answers ye looking for best check the local tavern. Be warned, the men of Rysel love taking advantage of young women, keep ye hand on ye sword when talking with them at all times."

Remi explained. Celeith knew she could take anything the world would throw at her. She thanked the people of the caravan for taking care of her and before she left she was given a fur cloth and some roasted Moos for her journey. She placed the food in her pouch and covered her body with her new clothes, as she left she glanced back at the kind people who had helped her. The caravan was heading further north, would she ever cross paths with the kind folk of the caravan again?

Celeith journeyed south along the coast of the frozen lake. Many monsters crossed her path and she fell each one of them with ease. Many hours passed and many more monsters were defeated single handed by Celeith. In the distance a small village could barely be seen, the smoke coming from the chimney guided Celeith as she walked through the snow covered fields. What awaits her in the village of Rysel?

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