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PostPosted: Fri Jul 1, '11, 1:24 am
Celeith slashed through the guard with great force. Blood shot through the air and poured down on the ground like a small rain. Celeith glanced back at the guard as he fell, his comrade trembling with fear as his captain was slain by a mere woman.

"I won't say it again, I don't want to kill anyone but if you continue to fight me it leaves me with little choice."

Celeith said to the fear struck guard. She swiped the blood from her sword, the guard stepped backwards then fled in fear. For a moment Celeith looked dumbfounded, Landens guards should have been more then a match for her.

A few hours passed, Celeith eagerly waited in the woods for Lena and Fia to return. The sounds of footsteps could be heard in the brush of the woods. Had the guard returned with more, or was it her allies returning from the passageway? Either way Celeith readied her sword in case of the worst possible scenario.

"Celeith there you are... Wait a slain guard? Celeith what did you do?"

Lena asked as she glanced at the lifeless body of the guard. Celeith looked down towards the ground, her mind was elsewhere. She had slain a guard, but much more she had betrayed the kingdom of Landen, she betrayed Rhys.

"I'm, I'm sorry princess. They left me with no choice, but I cannot stay in the lands of Landen any longer. I betrayed this country and my friend."

She said as she turned. Lena stepped towards Celeith, slightly placing her hand on Celeith's sholder. She knew it was in self defense, she knew Rhys would understand, but why did this plague Celeith?

"Celeith come with me. I understand what happened and Rhys would as well. He's already left for Cille in Aquatica as we speak. If we hurry we may be able to rendezvous with him before he gets into much trouble."

Lena spoke to her friend. Celeith moved Lena's hand off her shoulder and started walking through the woods. She began heading southwest towards the Satera region. Her gaze continued towards the ground, her mind seemed like a empty shell. She stopped just for a moment, only to speak to her friend.

"Forgive me Lena, I cannot join you right now. You're destiny is to bring the two kingdoms together. Be strong and tell him your feelings, if our paths should cross again I shall aide you in anyway I can, but for now I must leave this land."

She told Lena before she began running through the woods. A tear dripped down her cheek as she disappeared from Lena's sight.

"I made a promise I would never kill another innocent again! I made that promise to him, and I broke it. Forgive me my friend, I know you're watching me in the afterlife. Guide me along this path, and may I have your guidance to repent for the sin I committed."

Celeith thought to herself as she continued running. The bridge had been destroyed, and the way into Satera had been blocked off. The only way she would make it into Satera would be to cross the river.

"Well here goes nothing!"

She yelled as she dove into the water. The current was to strong and she was swept underneath the forceful currents. She tried desperately to reach the surface but it was to strong for her, she was being swept down the river. Her vision began to vanish as she gasped for air. Her lungs filled with water, her vision darkened, and she passed out below the riverbank. Celeith had one final thought before she passed out.

"Maybe I should of learned to swim before jumping in the river...."

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