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PostPosted: Sat Apr 16, '11, 2:31 pm
A week later, Maia was still unsure. She had really enjoyed the company of that foreigner and she wished he would return, but she had no indication that it would happen. Tili had sent her a letter immediately after returning home, reassuring his wish to see her again, but she had already seen that before. Men were all the same, they promised they would return, but they didn't. Maia was a real lady, so she longed for a real gentleman. Tili looked like that gentleman, but she knew that, before being a gentleman, he was a man. So, she was afraid she would never see his handsome face again.

On Sunday morning, Maia was at her home, feeling lonely and sad. The vast rooms and halls of Cille's palace made her feel oppressed. She was trying to convince herself to accept that she'd never see that kind gentleman again. But it was not meant to be that way. She received an urgent letter and she couldn't hide her anxiety when learning the sender was Tili. She took the letter from the hands of her maid violently, ran back to her bedroom and opened the letter in a hurry, with a smile on her face, her heart pounding like mad on her chest. Her eyes shone while they devoured the words written on the letter. “My princess... I couldn't stop thinking about you all this week... You've made me so very happy... Meet me at the city entrance, right after lunch... I love you and I need to see you, my beloved Maia... Tili” When she finished the letter, her eyes were wet. She hugged the letter passionately. “Oh, Tili, I knew it was not just a dream. I knew you'd come back, to make me happy. I love you. You are the one.” Maia smiled broadly. The feeling of being loved was exhilarating.


This is a homage for the real-life Maia, who made me believe that dreaming of Maia was not a hopeless dream. Thank you for being in my life, my princess.
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