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PostPosted: Sat Apr 16, '11, 2:28 pm
Morning had broken on Saturday and Tili had already woken up. He chose to arrange his bag in the morning, as he didn't plan to take many things with him for just one day of travel. He was already ready when Tom arrived in his coach.

“Morning, Tom.”
“Morning, Jay. Are you ready for the trip?”
“Yeah, everything is ready. Shall we go now?”
“Of course, let's get going.” Tom motioned for Tili to climb up the coach ladder. “Let's not lose too much time. How much do you want to bet that we will arrive at Roger's and he will still be asleep?”
“Nothing, because I'm sure he will still be asleep.”
“Wise man, you value your money.”

Tom and Tili laughed. The coach was set in motion and, in less than fifteen minutes they were by Roger's door. Tom climbed down the coach and knocked on the door. No answer. He knocked on the door again, impatiently. After a couple of minutes of intense knocking, the wooden door opened with a loud crack and both Tom and Tili were confronted by a sleepy Roger.

“Alright! Stop knocking. I am already awake.” Roger's mood was bad.
“Come on, we arrived late, hoping you'd be ready, and we find you still sleeping!”
“Man, it is Saturday! Do you expect me to wake up early?”
“Of course. It will be a long trip to Cille. Come on, man, hurry up!”
“Alright...” Roger shut the door again.
“I can't believe that! He is late and he is angry...” Tili facepalmed and shook his head in disbelief.
“Well, you've known him for longer than me. You should expect that.” Tom shrugged.
“As we don't have anything better to do, let's wait for the rascal.”
“Yeah. Well, let's wait for him since he will surely get crazy about the women attending the festival.”
“If there are women, Roger is in.”
“I have to confess you I'm not much in the mood for that. I'm still thinking on my girlfriend. Or ex-girlfriend... whatever.”
“Well, it ain't easy. You are so fresh from the break up.”
“I know. Well, let's cheer up. I want to see you score a girl today!”
“Let's see... let's see...” Tili was a bit embarrassed, as he longed for long-term relationships and was hardly interested in just scoring a girl.

After some minutes of waiting that soon became almost an hour, finally Roger opened up the door again, carrying his bag. His face betrayed he was still sleepy.

“Aha! The Snow White is finally ready for the wedding!” Tom was pretending to be impressed.
“Cut the crap! Let's get going.” Roger was not in the mood for jokes.
“If it wasn't for you, we'd be in Cille at this time.” Tili rebuffed Roger's sour comment.
“Alright. Stop now.”
“Well, let's have fun in this trip. I'll start with a joke. Do you know that one of the mad man who set the nunnery on fire?”
“Yeah, Tom, you have already told that one.”
“That was a good one, wasn't it?”
“Yeah, it was.”
“And that one of the Orakian who had gone on a safari?”
“Yes, you have told that one as well. But it was fun.”
“Alright. Well, do you know what bugs me there days? All those advertisements sent as letters.”
“Yeah, that sucks.” Tili agreed.
“You know, I hate all those letters, specially those offering surgeries to enlarge, well, you know.”
“Yeah, most of the ad letters are about that.”
“What bugs me is that I started receiving those letters as sent by my girlfriend.”
“Well, these crooks use false sender addresses to send those letters.” Roger was dismissing the story as irrelevant.
“But then, I asked her if she was sending me those messages and she told me she was. On purpose.”
“What?” Roger was shocked. “Is it serious?”
“Yes...” Tom answered shyly.
“No, that must be a joke! That cannot be true! Is it serious that she was sending you those letters on purpose?”
“Yeah, it is true.” Tom answered as if he was serious about that.
“No, you are lying, come on.”
“Of course.” Tom was grinning a bit.
“Roger, how can you be so foolish to believe that? Of course it is a joke!” Tili laughed at his friend.
“Well, how could I know? He looked serious.”
“Only you could believe that story.”

The journey kept going uneventfully, filled with jokes told by Tom and memories shared by the three friends, who knew each other since they were children. As the stories were told, the coach crossed the green plains that led to Cille. The horses were fast and the trip lasted only two hours, though for the three friends it was as if it had lasted only fifteen minutes. The city, which appeared as a small dot in the horizon, started getting bigger and bigger. As the couch was nearing the city gates, the friends started feeling excited.

“Cille, at last!” Tom's mood looked better than before the trip. “Hey, Jay, how much time since our last visit?”
“It has been almost three years.”
“Oh yeah, three years. We should have come more often. Cille is a very cool city.”
“Yes, it is.”
“Besides, that was the last time I've seen Al.”
“No, Tom, you are wrong. Remember that he visited us there once. He went with those friends of his who drank beer in gallons.”
“Oh yeah, that is true. Anyway, it has been a long time. You have never come here with me, Roger, have you?”
“Not really.”
“Well, it is a cool city. And there must be many girls from the nearby villages for the festival. I think it will be cool.”
“All the girls in Cille, beware! Here comes Roger!”
“Let's see if you are so good with Cille girls.” Tom laughed.
“You know I am.”

The group went straight to the Inn and rented a room. Then they left for the market where Al used to work in order to meet him. As Al worked in the market, he usually had to work on Saturdays. Arriving at the market, which was crowded, the three friends had some difficulties to find their friend.

“Look, there is Al. Hey, Al!”
“Tom! What a surprise! What brings you and your friends here?”
“Of course it is not you. Or would you like me to come here thinking of you?”
“No, no, certainly not.” Al laughed. “It has been a long time.”
“Yes, it has been. Well, here is Tili, remember him?”
“Yeah! Wow, you are much thinner than in the last time.”
“Well, I've got a terrible disease.”
“Just kidding, man. It is good to see you.”
“I'm glad to see you.”
“Well, he I don't remember...”
“Oh, yes.” Tom motioned to Roger to greet Al. “This is Roger, another friend from the old days.”
“Nice to meet you.” The two guys introduced themselves.
“Well, Al, how's your day today?”
“Hmm... I'm pretty busy now, Tom, but I'll be surely free by 5pm. Do you have any plans for tonight?”
“Yeah, we intend to go to the harvest festival.”
“Nice, I'll take you there.”
“Well, gotta run now. Are you in the Inn? I'll meet you there later.”
“Alright, Al, see you later.”

The three friends left the market place and returned to the Inn. Then, they spent the afternoon chatting and eventually taking a nap, as they wanted to get ready for the big dance party that was scheduled to happen in the harvest festival. The afternoon was a pleasant one, including a long walk under a scorching summer sun to a distant market to buy some cigars for Tom, Roger and Al. Tom and Roger were shocked to see Tili drinking two liters of flavored water at once, but he was so thirsty that he didn't care. Tili was a bit frustrated later that his pen ran out of ink while writing a letter to a friend, but he didn't care too much as he didn't expect to use it later. As the afternoon went away, the friends would be ready for the night. That night would be especially important for one of the three friends, who would never imagine that a simple trip would change his life forever.
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