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“Upload 96 percent complete!”

They could win. They knew that even as the Cast continued to pour in they could hold them off until they won. The main worry was the ship being blown to pieces before then.

A warning alarm sounded and one of the gunners called out. “Sir! Reinforcements have arrived! Ours! Three Palm, three Mota.” He paused as he read the information on-screen. “I’m reading two Dominion class battlecruisers and an Archon from Palm. Mota ships are one Supernova, two Novas and an Equinox protector.”

The bridge intercom came to life at that point and they heard a voice.

“Attention Mota forces. This is the Supernova DSS Stargazer. Captain Ashley, do you copy?”

“Yes, this is Ashley, we read you, over.”

“Looks like we arrived in the nick of time. We’re told you’ve got a virus to upload?”

“That’s right Stargazer. We’ve been badly damaged; could you give us some cover? We’ve got our hands full right now.”

“Understood. We’re moving into a covering position and sending our Equinox in to protect the bridge area. We’ll keep these guys off you. Just get that virus uploaded. Out.”

Just then a series of loud blasts sounded from behind the door. The Cast who were coming through were blown to pieces as two larger Cast armed with photon cannons made their way into the bridge and opened fire, sending everyone back into cover.

Sergeant Merrick could be heard over the racket. “Return fire! We can’t let them get any further! Don’t stop shooting until they’re dead!” His shouting was answered with cannon fire, almost blowing the console he was hiding behind to pieces.

Flynn heard another voice, it was Rika this time. “Target their weapons.”

He raised himself from cover and, using Merrick’s distraction, zeroed in on the Casts weapons and fired, ripping one free of its owners arm and causing the other to short out and explode. He ducked back into cover to avoid any shrapnel being flung out from the blast.

“Thanks for the tip Rika.”


“‘Shoot their weapons.’”

Rika nervously peeked over the top of the console but yelped and fell straight back in, shots firing over her position. She looked at Flynn, her expression confused. “I didn’t say anything.”
She thrust her pistol over the top of the console and fired blindly in the direction of the door, not wanting another near miss.


Esper Mansion

Claire collapsed to the floor. She reached to her forehead and wiped the sweat off with her sleeve. She took a few gulping breaths and felt herself starting to recover.

“If only he was closer to Dezo.”

It had been so very difficult but she had managed to reach out to Flynn wherever in Algo he was and used all of her effort to get the briefest glimpse of the world through his eyes. His mind had told her the rest before she gave out and was forced to let go. But it had given her the chance to guide him, though she had no way to tell for certain if it had helped him.

She smiled to herself. “If I ever see him again I’ll maybe tell him it was me who gave him tactical advice in a fire fight once.”

She picked herself up off the floor and adjusted her clothing. Despite the effort it seemed to require to get so close to him, she felt that it wasn’t as hard as it seemed. With meditation and extra training she may eventually be able to do it more easily.

Looking out of her window she realised the weather had cleared up. The sky was clear of clouds and barely a breath of wind could be seen in the trees. Leaving her room she decided to go for a walk outside. Somehow it always helped to clear her mind and bring focus.


Unidentified Pirate vessel, Mota class – Mission time: 2 hours 27 minutes

Flynn emerged and saw Rika’s shots had struck true, hitting two Cast square in the face. But more came in to replace them and the onslaught continued.

And then the words everyone had been waiting for came. This time Flynn knew it was Rika.

“Upload one hundred percent complete! Transmitting now!”

As if in response the remaining Cast stopped their fighting, and before anyone could say anything, had vanished from the bridge. There was a long, tense silence.
Sergeant Merrick stepped up to the door and peered into the corridor beyond. ”They’re gone.”

Just then, the intercom came alive again. “Attention pirate vessels. Your ships have been disabled. You are completely locked down. By order of General Adam Freeman you are to surrender immediately or be destroyed.”

The others emerged from behind their cover. Some started cheering. Others, like Flynn, simply breathed a sigh of relief. The intercom started again and the Captain of Stargazer addressed them.

“Excellent work everyone. Every pirate vessel has been shut down successfully. We’re already getting surrenders from them as well. We’re sending troops to help secure the ship and medical personnel to tend to your wounded before we bring you back over. We’ll be back later with salvage teams to retrieve the Excellion. Stargazer out.”

Outside the doorway, Flynn could hear people arriving on the ship. The mission was finally over. But he already had another one arranged for him. A personal mission.
Remembering something, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a familiar item. A small rock that glittered faintly in the light of the bridge. It was so small, barely the size of the tip of his thumb, but it meant a great deal to him. “Claire.”

Rika walked over to him, holding what appeared to be some sort of medical device in her hand, ‘borrowed’ from the medics no doubt and absorbed in its workings.
“I wonder if I can make this work for me somehow. I’ve always wanted to get my hands on one. Do you need a check-up Sergeant?”
She noticed Flynn eyeing the rock in his hand and laid a hand on his shoulder.

“What is it?”

He almost jumped at her words. “You know, I said the exact same thing when I first saw this.” He smiled. “It’s a…a gift. From an old friend.”

“Oh. Well it’s really, very pretty. Look at it shining. It’s beautiful!”

“It is, isn’t it?” He curled his fingers around it and placed it back in his pocket.


Esper Mansion

Claire emerged from a small wooded area next to the mansion that led to a grand view of the vast Dezo plains. They were especially beautiful to behold on such a clear day. She came out here when she needed to get away from the Mansion without going too far. The trees blocked it from her sight, letting her feel a little more isolated.

She turned her gaze skyward and looked out at the vast blueness. Like the plains before her it was calm and peaceful. She tapped the psychic link and, after a few moments, sensed the same thing coming from Flynn. He was safe at last. Just then, though briefly, she thought she could feel her ears burning. Was he thinking of her right now?

She smiled again and remembered something from earlier. “I never got a chance after Helen and Miles came to me. Now is as good a time as any.”

This time she did not bow her head but continued to look up at the sky, directing her prayer to whoever or whatever would hear it, idly handling one of the stones on her cloak.

“Gods of Algo…Great Light. Hear my prayer.
Watch over and take care of my friend.
May you keep his heart pure and his soul filled with light and hope and save him from despair.
May you grant him your strength and mercy and protect him from the darkness that surrounds him wherever he goes until we are together again.”

As if in response, a breeze picked up and blew past her, gently passing over her face and idly blowing her cloak about. It was cold as always but there was something almost...reassuring in it. Her years in the Espers had accustomed her to the harsh Dezo climate, but it would never compare to the warmth of Mota.

Turning, she headed back to the mansion.


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