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PostPosted: Wed Oct 13, '10, 10:56 pm
Flynn was snapped out of his reverie by the solider next to him nudging him. “Hey! Wake up. Something’s going on.”

Flynn looked up at the rioters but saw nothing had changed in them then realised the officer commanding was giving an order as he moved behind them. “Weapons ready. Take aim and prepare to fire! This has gone on long enough.”

Flynn was shocked by what he was hearing. Were they really going to fire on innocent civilians? Civilians who only wanted simple medical supplies? He hesitated in raising his weapon and saw many of the others were doing the same. The officer shouted out again. “I said raise your weapons! That is an order!” Flynn could see the others hastily comply, though he doubted any of them were going to follow through what he knew would be coming next. But he still refused to raise his own weapon against the rioters. “This is all wrong. Who the hell is ordering this?”

At that moment he felt a hand on his shoulder and a voice spoke to him menacingly as they pulled him out of the line. It was that same officer again. He stood in front of Flynn now and spoke to him, glaring right at him. “I gave you an order soldier. Or are you disobeying me?”

Flynn took a few moments before replying. “With respect, Sir, these are innocent civilians we’re dealing with. All they want is medical care. They’re not even armed.”

A tense silence passed between them before the officer spoke again. “Give me your weapon, solider.” Flynn was unsure what to make of this but he handed his weapon over anyway. The officer took it in hand before speaking again. “Now…” His voice trailed off.
Flynn was unprepared for what came next as the butt of his own weapon came up and smashed into his chin, throwing the helmet off his head and sending him to the ground with a crash. He groaned in pain and was aware the officer was standing over him now with Flynn’s weapon pointed at him as the rain fell onto his face. He could see none of the others had reacted at all and cursed them silently. “Let this be a lesson to you, you pathetic excuse for a soldier. Next time I give you an order you obey! Now get up and get back in line!”

Flynn groggily reached for his helmet and stood up again, turning towards the officer who held out his rifle expectantly. “Get your helmet back on and get back in line now!”

Flynn reacted without another word. He lashed out with the helmet in his hand and sent the weapon to the ground before throwing the helmet into the officer’s face as he closed the distance between them, landing a vicious punch to his face as they went crashing to the ground together. Flynn was filled with an uncontrollable rage and he viciously beat him with a volley of punches, only stopping when he was dragged away by the others. It had taken four men to restrain him in the end and it wasn’t long before law enforcement arrived and arrested him, carrying him back to the nearest base where he was thrown in a cell to await trial.

While awaiting trial Flynn learned that the officer he had beaten had died as a result of his injuries. He felt a deep sense of regret but knew that if he hadn’t acted then those civilians would have been killed. But it was going to cost him dearly.

The court martial was short. There was no time spent on formalities and he was found guilty within a few hours before being dishonourably discharged and thrown onto the next transport headed for the prison on Dezo where he had been sentenced to spend the rest of his days locked away with no chance for release. Little did he know that two years later his chance for freedom would come around and thrust him into something far bigger than he could imagine.
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