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PostPosted: Fri Aug 20, '10, 11:47 am
Setting: Two weeks have passed since Emanuel's return, and up until now there hasn't been much progress between Esmeray and Emanuel.

Esmeray was returning to her quarters from giving a music lesson to a group of eager children. The lessons always made her heart swell with pride; it was nice to be able to teach music to another generation. She almost felt like playing her violin down the hallway, but was sure everyone would be more appreciative if she kept her excitement to herself.

She was so lost in her own bliss that she noticed too late that Emanuel was leaning against her door. Her heart skipped a beat. She hadn’t talked to him much in the two weeks since his return. She knew the elders probably gave him a warning and had him under strict observation. Though she wanted to talk with him more and catch up with him, she worried that the scrutiny over Emanuel would draw too much unwanted attention. She certainly wasn’t in the mood for negative attention.

At this moment, however, it was too late to turn around. She had already met his eyes, so she instead put on a pleasant expression and approached him cheerfully. It was probably best to make this seem as friendly as possible. She couldn’t forget that Emanuel had asked her to be with him.

“Hello, stranger,” she greeted him with a wide grin. “What brings you to this end of town?”

Emanuel chuckled and moved aside so Esmeray could open her door. “I haven’t seen you much since our first meeting. I figured I’d come to see whether I’d been totally rejected or if you’d been put on extra duty.”

She held up her violin. “Well, I wouldn’t call it ‘duty,’ as I enjoy it very much, but as you can see I do have quite a few more responsibilities around here. I guess they’re hurting for new recruits to rely on me, huh?”

“Don’t be so modest,” he told her as he rubbed her arm warmly. “You play the violin better than anyone else around here. I’m not surprised in the least that you’re giving lessons now. Those are some lucky kids!” He didn’t wait for an invitation to her quarters, and instead let himself in behind her and closed the door. Esmeray hadn’t noticed, as she was enjoying his compliments.

“Well, one thing that hasn’t changed since you left is that I’m still working my techniques into more day-to-day usage, and I’ve finally found a way to use them in my music,” she told him, blushing from his praises. She set her instrument down and went over to the sink to wash up for supper.

“Oh? I bet the elders just love that,” he said sarcastically, making Esmeray laugh as she dried off her hands. He continued in a more serious tone, “Es, you’re too talented to be stuck out here in the boonies. You know that, right?”

Esmeray nervously wrung her wrists and looked away from Emanuel. “I don’t know about that. I mean, where else would I go on Dezo, anyway?”

Emanuel smiled at Esmeray’s simplicity. Who said anything about being limited to Dezo? Never mind, he thought. He was more interested in rekindling Esmeray’s love for him right now, anyway.

“So,” he cleared his throat to change the subject, “how about this new musical technique of yours? Mind if I have a listen?”

Esmeray looked surprised but pleased at being asked to play for someone, especially for Emanuel. Maybe this would be what they needed to get back comfortably into their old friendship. She would like that very much, she decided.

“Certainly,” she beamed confidently at her old friend.

Esmeray picked up her violin and bow and rested the delicate instrument on her shoulder. She lightly plucked the strings and ran through her scales quietly and briefly before securing the violin to its proper position between her chin and collar.

As she raised her bow, she thought about the song she had picked to play, and as the bow gently moved across the violin’s strings, she began drawing her energy. The tune was solemn and reflective, but not like that of a dirge. It reminded Emanuel of their icy planet. While Dezo could be cold and unforgiving, it had its own pleasant, familiar beauty, and it warmed his heart, just like Esmeray’s music.

Several measures into Esmeray’s wistful, dreamy tune, Emanuel saw an energy form around her hands in a softly glowing blue. He had seen that energy plenty of times, having been an Esper for almost two decades. What startled him now, though, was how slight and ethereal its light was, as if Esmeray had drawn the very least amount she could. Emanuel had not a clue why she would need to use a technique for her music playing, but he was more than pleasantly surprised by what happened next.

Suddenly there was what sounded like another violin; Emanuel heard it coming from far to Esmeray’s left. They were the only ones in her private chamber, yet Emanuel felt the other instrument so clearly he still turned his head in its direction. There was nothing there but empty space.

Another violin came from the other direction now. And yet another from behind him. And another... Within moments, the room was filled with an orchestra. Emanuel’s heart beat quickly, overpowered by the energy Esmeray was creating with her technique. Her hands no longer had their once filmy glow, but were two blue flames, passionately illuminating Esmeray’s face every time her bow hand drew close to her.

Those flame, those hands... Esmeray... she was creating a surround of her own music, filling every corner of her chamber with rapturous refrains. Emanuel could only stare at her, high on song. Her hands still glowing, she pulled the violin away from her chin, though the room was still full of music. Emanuel noticed her throat was now also a brilliant blue, and it was then that she opened her mouth and brought her singing voice into the personal symphony. One voice, then another... Emanuel couldn’t move. He had found his siren.

When it almost seemed too much, he finally stood up and crossed the room to the young Esper. The music stopped. Esmeray’s singing stopped. The melody was still playing on in Emanuel’s head as he took Esmeray’s face into his hands. Before she had time to wonder what he was doing, he pressed his mouth against hers and softly nibbled her bottom lip. He had to feel for himself the lips of someone who could turn ordinary technique usage into such a beautiful drug.

He felt Esmeray hesitate slightly as he kissed her. Her innocence drove him absolutely crazy. No one had touched her, ever, not even while he had been gone. He found himself pleased that all these years she had waited for him, even when he had been in other relationships. He was even engaged once. That he had that kind of control over her gave him quite the rush, and he began leaning harder into her.

She suddenly pulled away and asked him nervously, “Sh-should I keep playing?”

Adorable, he thought. He moved his hands down her arms until they met her violin and bow. She willingly let him take her instrument from her; all the while Emanuel gave her a sly smile.

“I think you’ve entertained me enough, darling,” he told her as he set the instrument aside. “Now, why don’t you let me entertain you for a change?” And with that, he pulled her into him again, this time allowing himself a deeper exploration of her mouth.

He let a hand travel to the sash keeping her wrap dress in place and gave it a strong tug. Esmeray, who had finally begun warming up to the idea of being necked, now let out a startled gasp and pulled his hand away from her waist.

“I’m sorry,” she looked at him with alarm, “it’s just that I’m not sure…”

“It’s okay,” he interrupted, giving her a reassuring stroke on her cheek, “I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do.” He took the hand she used to pull him away from her sash and brought it to his lips, kissing it softly. “Should I leave?”

He already knew how she would respond, but he still enjoyed having her permission to stay. She cautiously shook her head in response, and with that, he excitedly moved her to the bed, letting all his carnal instincts take over.

He thought that leaving Esper Mansion was the best thing to happen in his adult life, but without Esmeray, his happiness was incomplete. Now that he had his vestal maid the only thing left was to convince her to go to Palm with him. It would have seemed too easy to Emanuel to be able to win Esmeray over so quickly after his return, but he had already laid blame on everyone but himself for his past actions. Esmeray was his consolation for being unjustly punished.

He could have continued thinking about all of this, but the one thing most prevalent on his mind was finally being one with Esmeray. He had waited too long for this moment, and he was going to make sure he fully made up for all the time he had stolen from her.

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