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PostPosted: Sun Aug 15, '10, 7:48 pm
Glad you guys liked it. I am going to write a second chapter right now. ^^

EDIT: Here it is!


Revo walked through the streets of Camineet, still too furious to reconsider what he was just about to do. The day was slowly going toward twilight. Many people looked him and his hastily packed bag weird as he walked by. He couldn't care less.

These people are all the same. They couldn't stand a day without their fancy computers and they are too egoistic to realize they have never achieved anything in their life.

He made his way closer to the city exit. Two guards still stood there, directing citizens away from exiting the metropolis.

"Excuse me young man, but it would not be wise for you to leave the residential area alone. The beasts out there won't even hesitate to attack people at times."

Revo ignored the guard and hastened his walking speed as he went through the gate. Looking behind he could see both guards had started to run after him.

Damn, is this place a prison? They aren't going to stop me from leaving.

He started running as well, as fast as he could with the bag on his back. Even though he wasn't running that fast, he noticed he was making distance to the guards, who were already panting. They obviously didn't get the exercise the job demanded. Revo made it to a small ditch and hid there. He heard the guards talking far away.

"Hoof... Tom, I think we've lost him. We have to turn back."

Revo was free, finally. Only a rougly 50 miles trek separated him from his destination, Eppi.

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