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Chapter 14 - Vincent's Battle

Vince began running as fast as he could, no longer thinking. The land rover was in site. Just a few more steps and-


The landrover exploded sending Vincent flying through the air. A man stood before the flames, smiling maniacally. He was holding a weird weapon in his hand. It was long, and bulky, silver in colour. The man stood there, holding it in his hand he pointed it towards Vince, two holes pointing at him. Looking at it, Vince realized he was in trouble when the end began to illuminate.

Rolling to the side, a beam shot at Vince, missing him. A hole in the ground appeared, smoke arising from it.

Looking at the hole beside him Vincent swallowed and looked back at the man. Who smiled a creepy smile. He wore a black tuxedo, his hair slicked back. He looked odd yet, it suited him too well. A hair went down into the mans face so he licked his hand, running it back to make it go back in place.

Aiming the weapon again, it began to illuminate. Vincent quickly scrambled out of the way as it shot just before him. Jumping up, Vince ran for cover. If he was going to take this maniac on, he'd need a weapon. But there wasn't much within reach.

Vince took a breathe. He needed to come up with a game plan and fast. Reaching around, he found a rock. It was decent sized and heavy, so it would hurt if it connected. Peeking his head around the corner, he saw the maniac smile and walked towards Vince. Knowing he'd only have one shot, Vince had to wait for the right time.

Taking another deep breathe, Vince gripped the rock, getting a quick feel for it's shape and weight. Now was the time. Vincent spun around the corner, using his entire body weight to throw the rock towards his opponent. The man looked at the rock as it sped towards him, but without stopping, he simply raised his weapon, firing off another round which obliterated the rock.

Using it as a distraction, Vince ran up for close combat. Throwing a right hook, he managed to connect with the man who staggered back a bit, still smiling away. Then man proceeded to raise his hand but Vince quickly stopped him by doing a spinning back kick, knocking the mans weapon out of his hand.

In perfect motion, Vince kept spinning until he was low to the ground, one leg was extended while his other was in a crouch position, with his left hand adding extra support. In a quick swift motion, he concentrated his energy into his hand. His hand began to illuminate as Vince called out, "WAT!"

A bright blue beam exploded from Vincents hand, colliding with the crazed man. The man flew back, almost right into the landrover wreckage. Vince stood up, looking at the man who who now lay still. The armor shop was close, he still had time to make it back to Sinah.

"Where do you think your going kid?" The man said, while standing back up, "You know, that wasn't half bad. But if you're going to take me out, you'll need something with a little more kick." The man smiled yet again.

Diving for the man's strange weapon, Vince did a roll as he grabbed it and aimed the two holes at the end at the man. The man merely laughed, "You probably don't even know how to work that thing," he said as he walked closer to Vince.

He was right, Vincent didn't know how to work it. He was holding it at the end, which made it look awkward in his hand. He took a closer look at it. He remembered reading something similar like this in a book his friend Charlie lent him. It was an advanced weapon from an ancient technology. In the book, it referred to this weapon as a photon handgun. How it worked is that by pulling the trigger, it would charge concentrated photon particles from the users body and release a burst of energy. From what the book said, the theory behind the photon gun is to simulate an energy bust similar to that of the techniques Wat, Foi, tsu, and other lesser levels of techniques.

"What's a matter kid? Scared?" The man said, laughing as he got closer. Vince just aimed and squeezed.

The man jumped to the side, "So, you do know how to work that huh? You're just full of surprises aren't you?" Vince fired another shot, feeling the recoil and watching his target jump to the side. "Why are you doing this?"

The man just laughed as he walked closer, "Isn't it obvious kid? Revenge!" Vincent fired off another charged shot, the man barely escaping that one, "Now enough talking. Let's fight!" The man extended his hand forward, his hand began to glow as he yelled out, "GiFoi!" An explosive burst of heat flew from the mans hand toward Vince. Vince scrambled out of the way, gun still in hand.

"WAT!" Vince yelled as he shot off another technique. It sped towards the man who met it with another GiFoi charge, causing a tiny explosion in mid air. "Come on kid, you'll never win like that."

Vince fired off another few Wats, never hitting the man who seemed to just return the favour. Vince heard some people screaming at the sounds of explosions, while others ran inside their homes to hide. He couldn't blame them however.

Vince was getting frustrated, if only it he were stronger, he'd be back already helping Sinah. He felt something, a new urge inside him. He felt as if he had a sudden burst of energy, suddenly, he said "GiWat!"

He felt his hand explode with energy as an amplified version of Wat exploded from his hand, heading towards the man who also fired off another GiFoi. The two techniques collided causing a bigger explosion, however the power of the Wat was stronger and kept going, hitting the man in the head.

"GAAHHH!" The man screamed as he grabbed his face. Now was Vincent's time to strike.

Vince looked at the man, aiming with the gun, he concentrated his energy into the gun. It erupted from the barrel as he shot towards the man, connecting with him in the head. The man simply fell to his death. Vince was horrified.

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