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Chapter 13 - Alys
Everyone stood staring at the shadow. "Alys? As in the Eight Stroke Warrior Alys?" Nikki asked. There was no reply from anyone. Rika walked cautiously up to the shadow. "Alys? Is that you? It's me, Rika. I'm your friend, we're you're friends." Alys looked at Rika. She took a step towards Rika. She lifted her arm and put it on Rika's shoulder. "Alys?" Alys opened her mouth, only one word came out. "Foi."

The only thing anyone heard was a scream coming from Rika.

"You basterd!" Gryz yelled as he ran towards Alys. "Gryz stop! We don't know what's going on here. You could really-" BOOM! Gryz went flying back into a wall, Alys chasing after him, her fist ready for action. Vincent looked at Sinah and yelled, "Ben and Hahn, distract that thing. Nikki and Saya get Gryz out of there. Sinah, grab the end of this blanket, we're going to restrict her movements."

Everyone burst into action taking orders from the rookie hunter. "WAT!" Hahn yelled while releasing energy from his hand. It struck Alys, barely effecting her. She did seem to notice though and seemed rather annoyed. She turned her main focus from Gryz to Hahn.

"Lead her this way!" Vince yelled as he and Sinah held the blanket in a hallway. "I should be right there in that fight Vince," Sinah said as he watched the fight going on, getting impatient.

"Dammit Sinah! Just wait! This isn't some random training you know!" Vincent yelled at Sinah as Sinah gritted his teeth and replied, "Yeah, I know!"

"Are you guys ready yet?" Hahn Yelled as he dodged a fist from Alys while Ben kicked her in the back, causing her to turn with a mighty swing. "Yeah! Just lead her this way!" Vincent yelled back.

Sinah kept his eye on Alys, itching to get in there, right in the middle of the battle. "Hurry up already!" He yelled as both Ben and Hahn dodged attacks and countered left and right, gradually making their way over to the blanket trap.


Ben was hit right in the chest and sent flying right into the couch, causing it to tip over. Hahn dodged a fist by ducking, but it was a feint and he moved his head right into her knee, sending Hahn flying back, right under the blanket.

Alys walked slowly towards the unconscious scholar, her eyes dead and distant.

"Screw this! I've had enough of this!" Sinah yelled as he dropped the blanket and ran towards Alys with nothing but his fists. "YOU IDIOT!" Vincent yelled as Sinah abandoned his post.


Sinah's fist met Alys's face. He winced in pain, it felt like he was punching a brick wall. He connected with his left and followed throw with a right, he ducked under Alys's punch and dodged her knee. Countering with a kick, he hit her straight in the stomach.

Vincent looked in awe at how his best friend made it look so easy. "Make," Dodge, counter, "yourself useful and," dodge, dodge, "get everyone out," Sinah said as he continued fighting Alys.

"You idiot! You think I could do that while you get killed?" Vincent said as he ran straight into the action, kicking the side of Alys' head. She barely budged, but did take notice of this new threat. She spun around, swinging a fist towards Vincent which was soon kicked away by Sinah. Looking at Vincent, Sinah gave a nod as he did a sweep kick, connecting with Alys' face as Vincent spun around, kicking Alys in the back of the legs.

Even a brick wall could stand up to this combination as Alys fell. Sinah quickly ran over and grabbed the blanket, throwing it on top of her. He knew it would hold her monstrous strength for now, but not for long.

Sinah quickly moved in, throwing himself onto the bundle. "Quick! Go get something to contain her, I can't hold her forever!" Sinah yelled as he struggled to keep Alys contained. Nodding, Vince did a brief look around the room. Nothing in plain site to restrain their captive.

So, looking out the hole in the wall, Vincent saw a corner of the landrover. Surely there would be something in there to contain her, but it is farther away at the outskirts of town, and he might not make it back in time. The armor shop was closer, but there was no guarantee there would be anything there.

"Hurry up Vince! I can't hold her forever you know!" Sinah yelled at his friend while struggling to keep on top. Vince just nodded and bolted out of the hole in the wall.
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