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Chapter 12 - Any Touch But a Dead Touch

"YOU IDIOT!" Nikki yelled as chased Sinah. "I said I was sorry! How was I suppose to know that was you?!"

Vince and Ben stood by the door, both shocked and amused. "What happened?" Vince questioned aloud. "Sinah groped Nikki!" Rika said cheerfully.

"HEY! Don't make me sound like some pervert, "Sinah yelled at Rika as he jumped over a couch. Vincent laughed, "Well. It's like he used to always say, 'any touch is a good touch.'" Nikki's rage seemed to have just doubled after hearing that.

"What's going on here?" Hahn said walking into the room, "Oh no. Saya's going to be mad." "What am I going to be mad about dear?" Almost as if on cue, Saya walked in and saw the mess from Sinah's get-away.

She went silent. Everyone stopped and looked. Saya's eye twitched.

"Oh god! I'm so sorry Saya," Nikki said almost immediately. Saya smiled and looked at Sinah, "Do you have anything to say for yourself?" Sinah just kind of gulped as he said it, "Any touch a good touch right?" Vince burst out laughing. But Saya didn't, nor did anyone else. Finally, Saya just walked over. Sinah tensed as she never once, stopped to gaze away from him.

She lowered her head and whispered a few selective words. When she was finished she walked away, back into the kitchen. Sinah merely went and sat down, wide-eyed and pale.

"What a great way to tell everyone huh?" Ben whispered to Vince.

"Yeah," Vince said as he shrugged. He walked towards Sinah, "Yo Sinah. You doing alright?" Sinah looked at Vincent, "When did you get back?" Sinah replied, his voice a bit shaky. "Just now. So, what did she tell you?"

Sinah shook his head, "You don't want to know. It's worse than that one time when Harvey was attacked by a crawler. You remember what happened right?" Vince himself went a little white, "Yeah, I remember."

"So, did you guys find Chaz?" Nikki questioned. "Unfortunately not. In fact, there is no sign of him anywhere. To top it off, the grave he was supposed to have visited was dug up." Ben replied in his stern voice.

"So, we investigated a bit and had no real luck. We came back here hoping to get some help."

Gryz stood up, "I don't like it." "I don't either," Rika said, "It's just like that story Chaz told us." Gryz nodded back. "What story?" Nikki questioned.

"Well, back after Alys died, Chaz began taking less and less missions at the guild," Rika began, "but that was only because he was taking the harder ones. There was one mission though, that seemed to concern Chaz the most." Everyone sat around and listened. "What was the mission?" Sinah asked.

"I'm not too sure on all the details, but I can tell you this. It was the last mission Chaz's mentor ever went on before making Chaz her partner. She wouldn't allow him to know anything about it."

"Did he ever find out what it was about?" Nikki asked. Rika nodded, "I've never seen him that angry in my entire life."


The front window burst as a body came bursting into the room. It was Chaz ho collided into Vincent's body. Everyone jumped up and looked out the window. There stood a beautiful woman, her facial features shadowed by her bangs.

"I... can't believe it." Rika said with her mouth open. "What the hell is going on?" Gryz said as he looked just as dumbfounded. Chaz moaned as he whispered a name, "Alys." Was all he said.
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