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PostPosted: Sun Apr 4, '10, 12:01 am 
Isn't it? I thought for sure that that guy quit doing that manga because of life and such. It wouldn't be his fault; but it would be a major bummer to us fans.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 4, '10, 2:33 am 
Rune_Walsh wrote:But one aspect of this manga that just blows my mind is the way the artist created the world of PSII; the backgrounds, the town imagery, all just superb.

Absolutely! The first time I read it you could have knocked me over with a feather. Everything was exactly like I imagined a PSII manga would look like. He was so true to the game but still gave it a personal touch. How amazing. I'm definitely emailing this guy. I'll let you all know if he responds. :)

PostPosted: Fri Apr 9, '10, 12:15 am 
I have an update! The author/illustrator sent me a reply! Woot!

He said that he's received enough fan mail in regards to his PSII work that he's recently gotten his old notes out and will start working on the manga again! He can't promise a timeline, but he's currently redesigning the characters slightly before he can work on new issues. He said it's been so long that he doesn't remember all the visual aspects he used originally, and there are also some that he feels need improving. His story will still be the same, though.

Who's excited? ME!!!!!!!!!!

PS- I told him that we were discussing his manga, and he was happy to hear people were still reading it. Nice guy! Send him an email through his website, if you have time!

PostPosted: Fri Apr 9, '10, 4:31 am 
Oh, wow, I'll have to send him an e-mail sometime. I highly anticipate more of his manga! :hyper:

PostPosted: Tue May 4, '10, 6:39 am 
So yeah, I just want to thank Tanith for this. Also congrats at getting noticed as well, Tanith, over at [url=]PSCave.[/b] To think I just popped in to look at an image to prove a friend wrong. =P

I can't wait until the creator starts this manga up again. I think it's gonna be epic. Well, more epic than what it already is. =P

PostPosted: Tue May 4, '10, 9:34 am 
Yeah, getting quoted at PS Cave was kind of strange for me. I joined over there and saw that it made front page news, too. But hey, I'm glad to get the word out to as many "phans" as possible! :)

While I'm here I might as well plug Andrew's original series, Lucian Fallen. I've read all seven issues now and it's a great story, great artwork, funny at times, exciting all the time, and pretty creative, too, enough to set it apart from other comics I've read (huge X-Men and Batman fan here).

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