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Chapter 11 : Luck of Heroes?

Alaires could only stare, mouth open as this giant in black robes. She knew now that this is what Kyra was telling her about. "The dangers outside the mansion are numerous" she said, "you must always stay alert and be wary of strangers!" Alaires had only chance at this point, although no at the mansion knew about it, this was it. Closing her eyes real tight she tried out her final ace in the hole ;


Alaires thrust her hands forward, opened her eyes giving her most serious face and watched as Blue and White Flashes danced between her and the dark figure. Soon after-wards the lights dissipated and there was only silence. The blood red orbs under the hood closed slowly then opened back up just as slowly. The figures head lurched back and laughter erupted throughout the room. Alaires just stared open mouthed and completely dumbfounded. Kyra taught her that technique and it took her no time to learn it. How proud she felt learning some actual magic not to mention a very powerful technique, well according to Kyra at least. At last she got to use it and all it did was create lights! Alaires felt her cheeks start warm up and she was certain that they were glowing red. If she wasn't going to be killed by this stranger then she would certainly die of embarrassment! The laughter continued for a few more minutes then the hooded stranger began looking at her once more. He lifted a gloved hand to his eyes and wiped to side as if brushing away tears. Alaires began to fume at this point as she was certain he was doing this just embarrass her further. Her quick anger went back to fear as he just stared at her once again. Maybe if she was lucky she might have blinded the robed one and then she could escape, of course with her luck this may be short lived.


It was uncanny! He could not believe his eyes! This little girl that he has caught trespassing in his home looks exactly like her. After all this time she is still here. He knew this was neither the time or the place and he needed find out what she knew about those soldiers. Narrowing his eyes slightly he decided to question this youngling.

"What are you doing here girl?" he said in a smooth, chilling voice.

For a few moments he could only illicit an open mouth stare and fear in her eyes. At least that was still working in his favor. He feared that after laughing so hard for so long he might have shown too much emotion.

"Very well. That technique you just used...I'm surprised they still teach that at the mansion. Is this what those fools on the council do now, teach one useless distraction and send children out to challenge the world?"

That seemed to do the trick. The girl closed her mouth and pursed her lips and furrowed her eyebrows. He was glad his hood covered his face as he could not conceal the smirk he wore at her "anger". In a typical angry girl voice she responded :

"I'll have you know that my teacher taught me that and she knows a lot! She is no fool unlike someone who hides behind a hood!"

He continued to smirk as he just stared at her and watched her bite her lower lip at the chance he may retaliate. He waited a few moments longer before responding.

"Your teacher may know a lot, however if she let you out like're lucky that you've lasted this long! Now tell me what you are doing here." He emphasized that last part to add a bit of edge to this conversation.

"I uh...well I umm...." she stammered

Shaking his head he knew this wasn't going anywhere. Not only that he realized that the soldiers would be looking for their comrades as well as her. They needed to get somewhere safe, he needed to act fast.

"You're coming with me, now!"

He glided over to her and grabbed her arm. The cold mist enveloped them quickly and soon they disappeared as he cast Ryuka to return to the inside of the castle.


Before she knew it, the black robed man grabbed her arm and they disappeared in the cold mist that surrounded him earlier. She only had a few moments to feel cold before they appeared inside a beautifully decorated room. The rugs on the floor were of the deepest reds and golds. Paintings adorned the walls depicting various scenes from a cerulean blue lake surrounded by a lush forest to a castle floating above grassy plains, dead trees seemed to be dotting rocky areas behind the castle. The furniture seemed very well crafted and polished to a fine sheen with random assortments of golden and silver goblets, plates and bowls. Near the center of the room there was a golden throne with plush purple cushions and intricate carvings on the sides of the legs and the frame surrounding the back of the regal chair. Alaires couldn't quite make out what the carvings were but she thought she saw some ancient Esper writing amongst all the designs. Her studies were cut short as robed figure appeared before her once more. Staring at her again with those eerie orbs, he began speaking in that seemingly calm and dark voice.

"This is but one of many rooms I have here. Go to the door on your left and you will find a place you can stay. Clean up and rest well tonight. I'll most likely kill you in the morning."

Finishing that, he vanished. The room she was in seemed very cold and alone. Tears started to well up in her eyes but she shook her head, refusing to let him or anyone else see her weak. She had to get out of here and Alden needed her help along with Rune. However she couldn't remember the last time she was able to clean up and hurried along into room that was suggested to her. Upon entering she couldn't help but think she stepped into something out of the old legends when Palma was still around. The rugs were more of a soft blue this time around and tapestries of yellow and white hues draped themselves along the walls instead of the various paintings. The bed, which shared the same colors at the tapestries, was simple but very soft looking. Stepping into the adjoining room she found herself the wash room and began to clean up. A little while later she stepped out in the room, clothed in a very soft robe of the purest white. Alaires felt as if she could sleep standing up the robe was so comfortable but she kept herself from falling asleep as she soon realized how tired she was. A few steps later she was sinking in a deep mattress and unrealistically soft sheets. Just a few hours she told herself, just a few hours and she'd find a way out of here.
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