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 Post subject: Astounded Chaz
PostPosted: Sat Sep 6, '08, 8:13 am 
Inside the Landale, Chaz wonders what waits for the group when they find Rykros. So far he has seen two space stations, an alien planet, and a floating castle all among the stars. He has come a long way from the back streets of a Motavian village. He is astounded by all he has seen and wonders what else is left to experience. This image is reused from earlier in the game, just before the shuttle crash on Dezoris, so perhaps he is wondering if they'll crash on Rykros, too. The background colors are a little different, changed to match the image to the Landale rather than the shuttle.


This image can also be selected as an avatar from the galleries on the avatar tab of the Member Control Panel.

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 6, '08, 1:02 pm 
I think sega got kinda lazy with the manga panels they seemed to have reused and edited a few but none the less I still like 'em. :wink:

 Post subject: Re: Astounded Chaz
PostPosted: Sun Oct 29, '17, 8:10 pm 
Bumping up this former Image Of The Day!

Interesting bit about the image being reused previously. Thanks Thoul!

 Post subject: Re: Astounded Chaz
PostPosted: Mon Nov 6, '17, 11:47 am 
Nice picture here ! And the description of all the marvelous places discovered by Rudy/Chaz throughout space is great too ! :)

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