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PostPosted: Tue Oct 9, '07, 6:21 pm 
Does anyone remember this gaming related show that was aired on TV in the late 80s or early 90s? It originally showed a cartoon based on characters from certain Nintendo games, but later was converted to a game show where kids would face off for the change to run through a maze that was filled with games and other prizes. The one that went through the maze got to keep whatever they could carry or attach to their body (they wore a special velcro suit, IIRC).

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 9, '07, 8:46 pm 
That seems a little familiar but I really can't recall as it has been so long ago. :hmm:

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 10, '07, 1:36 am 
Oh yeah.... I remember hearing about it and being interested, but I don't remember ever seeing it! Or maybe I'm thinking of Captain Power! :P

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 17, '07, 5:38 am 
I think I recall this show. It was on really early in the morning right? I think the cartoon had some tomato guy and a cop from the N.A.R.C game. Oh, and the Conan type from Wizards and Warriors! That was pretty entertaining as a kid. I think I remember seeing the cartoon on again years later, without the live action host. I wonder what that guy's name was. :boggled:

I didn't like the change to the game show version. It was an interesting and unique idea, but I didn't see the appeal. As I recall, it was part trivia, like Jeopardy, and part mini gaming tournament with a different game each week.

Even though, I would have really liked to be on the game show version. Running through that maze and getting systems, games, bikes, and whatever would have be ultra cool! :bouncy:

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