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 Post subject: Child of Eden!
PostPosted: Thu Jul 7, '11, 9:25 am 
A really interesting game, I recently watched a review on it. I must say I don't think I’ve ever wanted to play such an interactive game before. Looks like I could easily get lost in all that colour and crazy fluid shapes. At the same time I’m constantly reminded of classic arcade shooting games. The Xbox Kinect version is already out. PS3 doesn’t get it's version until September however.

I have no plans to buy a 360 so I’ll just hang in there for the September release I guess. Hope it plays as well as it looks.

Here you can watch the Good Game Australia review: ... 258945.htm

Here's a trailer for it:

 Post subject: Re: Child of Eden!
PostPosted: Fri Jul 8, '11, 7:30 pm 
Wow, that looks pretty trippy. The colors and shapes are really impressive. I liked the fiery bird (dragon?) in space bit most, but even the rest was somewhat hypnotic. I'm not too interested in getting a Kinect, so I probably won't play it. The review makes the standard controller sound clunky for this game. Still, I bet it would make for some impressive play videos.

The trailer scenes with people playing the game were a bit out of place. Who would play a game in an empty flooded warehouse? Seriously, look at the floor - there's water everywhere in that place. It's a wonder they didn't get electrocuted.

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