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 Post subject: Video Game Obsession
PostPosted: Wed Dec 23, '09, 5:22 pm 
A mom called the cops because one of her kids was obsessed with playing video games: ... position=5

Do you think this was a good case of video game obsession, or was the Mom just going a little overboard here?

 Post subject: Re: Video Game Obsession
PostPosted: Thu Dec 24, '09, 6:34 pm 
That's definitely an overreaction on the mother's part. It's her place to stop the kid from playing the game, not the police's. Playing a game at a late hour is not a crime and there's nothing the police could have done about it if the kid wanted to keep doing it.

From the quote about wanting to run away, I think there's a lot more to this story than just a kid that plays games at night. There are likely several other factors that contribute to the mother's frustration here.

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