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PostPosted: Sat May 5, '12, 12:40 pm 
I don't know if this topic is at the right place but here it is !!
I would like to attract your attention on a french publishing about Video games and its history : but they also have and english site now and some of the books are now translated in english ! 4 for the moment but I'mm sure that others will be sooner or later.
Here is the link :

And here is the link to the french site : to see the books that are bound (eventually) to be translated !

And they have just realeased a book on SONIC's history !
Here is the link to this fantastic book : ... e.tpl.html
And I've just received it (along with the Amiga Bible;)) and here is a photo of the "chef d'oeuvre", in his collector version (the front page is slightly different) :


Enjoy !!!! :happy_marle:

PostPosted: Sun May 6, '12, 1:12 am 
Hm, interesting. I hadn't heard of this publishing outfit before. Thanks for sharing this, myau! There aren't many books on the English page, but I see a lot of interesting stuff on the French site. I hope some of that gets brought over to the US in the future.

Now I'm wanting to see their Phantasy Star book to see what's in it. I get the impression from Google translate that the entire book isn't about Phantasy Star, but it certainly has a very creative cover.

PostPosted: Sun May 6, '12, 10:56 am 
OUPS I've totally forgotten about their 17th pix'n love publication ! As I have it in two exemplaries (the "collector" one with Alisa (pink version) and the second one with Myau (blue version)) : At the moment of the launching, 6 or 7 months ago, I have wanted to show the links here but I've totally forgotten...
and I wasn't on the site at that time !!

You're right : all the mook (like they call it^^) isn't totally on Phantasy Star : unfortunately, there is only 8 pages on it (one of the fewer pages through all the publications they made :( I was very disappointed, even if the text is very good ! And there is only the first PS : I was sure it was on all the serie but...maybe later ? ;)

And finally the COVER : you're right ! Very nice one ! The drawer explained it : I'll try to put an eye on it and then translate it to all the members here ok ? :)

PostPosted: Wed May 9, '12, 4:59 am 
Great, I look forward to seeing that. :)

PostPosted: Wed May 9, '12, 9:04 am 
I'll try to make it as soon as possible !:)

PostPosted: Mon May 14, '12, 9:07 pm 
Sorry about the delay but I'm always in a hurry and am not able even to post really interesting posts but I'll do it as soon as possible.

Ah about the edition ! They have just realeased a collector edition about Yoshihisa KISHIMOTO ! Double Dragon and many others :)

Here is the link : enjoy !! ... e.tpl.html

PostPosted: Sun Mar 2, '14, 12:04 pm 
Hello everybody ! Long time no see on this topic so I would like to continue ! From my last message, there was a lot of things that have changed !
A lot of new "bibles" (about video games systems have been released and I'll try to show them to you :)
Here is a link with all the books in this category : ... swid=10077

I'll let you check it and I'll comment about each of them a little more later ! (but only about the books I have ! ;) )
And like I was saying the other time : hope there are mny others that are going to be translated in English :D

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