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 Post subject: Victory Poses
PostPosted: Thu Aug 14, '08, 10:35 pm 
If the games had been redone on a 3D plane and the characters had a victory pose what do you think they would pose like and what would they say? To me it be something like

Chaz: *Throws the peace sign* No one can beat me!
Alys: *Brushes her hand through her hair* You better practice harder if you want to beat me
Rune: *Sticks Cane into the ground and crosses his arms* To easy, lets go.
Kyra: *Raises her arm high into the air in a cheering motion* I did it!
Demi: *Checks a tiny scanner on her arm* ??% output, I used to much energy.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 19, '08, 6:41 am 
Ayn: (straps sword to back, pumps fist) I knew we could do it!
Mieu: (retracts claws, runs a hand through her hair) We won, we won! ^_^
Wren: (straps gun to back, assumes normal posture) Disengaging combat routines.
Thea: (folds up slicers, smooths wrinkles in dress) I think it's over now.
Sari: (twirls and sheathes knives, delivers peace sign) We came, we saw, we kicked your asses!
Sari (alternate phrase): Boo-yeah!

Sean: (preparing to fight Rulakir) My name is Sean Landen. You killed my father. Prepare to die!

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 20, '08, 2:19 am 
Rika: *Turns her back toward the oppnent and looks over her shoulder and smiles* Your efforts were good but you need some more practice to overpower me.
Nei: *looks down and wraps her arms around her self* That was scary...
Dark Force 3rd Form (Soldiers Island): *Smashes his club hand into the ground and rases his sword hand into the air* RRRRraaaaooorrr!!!

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 21, '08, 4:31 am 
Victory over living opponents.
Hugh (he looks down and puts a hand to his forehead) What a senseless waste of life.

With an all-male party.
Kain (looks completely confused) Wat good a victory wit no ladies 'round ta impress?

The only one left standing.
Amy (kneeling down over the others) There's so much blood, I don't know where to start...

After beating Zio.
Gryz: (stand over Zio's corpse with his ax held high)That's right, this is our planet!

Shir (with a dramatic breeze behind her)The wind blew and you sucked.

Sari (with her back turned) Oh come on! I wasn't even trying that time.

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 21, '08, 9:48 am 
Alternate pose for Rika & Nei:
Rika: (Looks down at her fallen opponet with an expression of sorrow) I really wanted us to be friends but you left me no choice.
Nei (retratcs claws and turns her hand into a fist) Just because I have abnormal ears doesn't mean you can look at me like that!

Lashiec: (Smashes his staff into the ground) You fullfilled your destiny by letting me perform you demise!

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 22, '08, 5:24 am 
Sari: (sole survivor- she sheathes her knives and crosses her arms) It's because you're all weak!

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 22, '08, 3:13 pm 
Chaz: (Sword still in hand, looking towards Alys) Yea, that was awsome! How was that?
Alys: (Crossing arms) Your swing was to low, and you need to think before you act. You almost cost us the whole fight.
Chaz: (Turns head slowly) I'm.. I'm sorry.

Rhys: (Scratching head) What was that we just fought?
Lena: Snowball
Rhys: Wha?!
Lena: Wasn't it adorable?
Rhys: *sighs* I don't think you should be naming them..

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