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 Post subject: Veterans Free Meals
PostPosted: Thu Nov 8, '12, 8:13 pm 
November 11, 2012 is Veteran's Day in the USA. Many restaurants and other establishments are offering free meals, etc., to Veteran's on that day or on a day close to that day. Here is a link with a list of some of the places and what they are offering...please keep in mind that you need to check with the business in your own particular area to see if they are participating in these offers, or not participating in them: ... -meals.htm

If anyone knows of any other places that may be participating in something like this for Veteran's Day, please let us know about it. If I find any others I will also post a link here.

It's nice to get something free, and this is A good way to say "Thank You" to all Veterans who have all earned so much more!! :yes:

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