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PostPosted: Thu Jan 13, '22, 8:07 am 
I haven't spent much time with the Valis series. I have only played three of the games and only played them very briefly, and with this collection I am looking to give the series another shot, because aside from the fact that protagonist Yuko Asou looks like a total babe, I think I can get enjoyment out of this. A Switch collection of the first three games was released last month in Japan, and there are plans to give the game a US release on the eShop, and a limited physical release from LRG. I am not waiting for those, especially that LRG release, because quite frankly I can't stand them, so I just ordered the japanese import from Play Asia. The three games in the collection are all the PC Engine ports, and it doesn't have any other version on there. This doesn't bother me as I have never played the PC Engine versions and I already have a small PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 library as it is, and that includes what I own on the TG16 Mini.


PostPosted: Thu Jan 13, '22, 11:47 am 
Valis The Fantasm Soldier are very good games ! I haven't played all of them but test some and that was cool :)

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