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 Post subject: USA Presidential Election
PostPosted: Tue Nov 3, '20, 11:33 pm 
The USA Presidential Election takes place today with voters from every State, etc., casting their votes for their choice for the next President, and Vice-President, Of The United States. Candidates are Republican, and current US President, Donald J. Trump with former Governor Mike Pence as his Vice-President; and Democrat Joe Biden and his choice for Vice-President, Senator Kamala Harris.

Election polls close at 7 P.M., except in some places where there may have been difficulties in voting or other issues today and in that case the polls may close later.

Voting results may, or may not, be known at the close of tonight. It may take another few days, or perhaps even longer, before we know who actually wins.

Keeping an eye on the results and more on this later.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 4, '20, 8:49 pm 
Complete election results are still not known. Some States are doing recounts, etc., so the final tally may not be known for awhile.

More later.

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