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 Post subject: US Capitol violence
PostPosted: Thu Jan 7, '21, 10:44 pm 
The American people were shocked yesterday as protesters stormed the US Capitol building and took over for a short while. Members of Congress who were in the middle of certifying votes in the 2021 election (electoral college) were guarded out of harm to a place of safety until peace was restored. Later in the night they gathered again and finished certifying the votes.

Sadly, atleast 4 Americans lost their lives in this protest. One woman was shot and later died. 3 others may have died of other causes.

I don't think I have ever seen anything like this in my lifetime. There just really are no words. :cry:

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 Post subject: Re: US Capitol violence
PostPosted: Fri Jan 8, '21, 10:37 am 
There are no words are the right...words.

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