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PostPosted: Sun Mar 16, '14, 9:09 pm 
I just finished the game, am I the first? :D

The Darkfalz fight is a pushover. I think I beat him to dust in three rounds without ever getting in serious trouble. You might want to consider tweaking him a bit. After having trouble with Lassic this was just too easy (I was about level 35).

PostPosted: Sun Mar 16, '14, 9:34 pm 
FOGELTJE : Congratulations on this victory ! :clap: Yes, in three rounds only ? :(

PostPosted: Sun Mar 16, '14, 9:49 pm 
Yes, Darkfalz was too easy. It doesn't give you satisfaction.

I think the Lassic fight was alright. I did probably grind a bit more than the regular game of today before I got there and couldn't beat him. So I ground (grinded?) two more levels on everyone and managed to win. In my eyes that's a good fight. But today's gamer might not have the patience. In my eyes, don't change the Lassic fight.

But the Darkfalz fight was simply too easy. You are no longer bound by an 8-bit system, so give him more hitpoints for example. Or better, higher defense against attacks and magic so won't hit him that hard and the fight takes longer. If I don't need to heal in a boss fight, then it's too easy. I don't mind Darkfalz is easier than Lassic. After all, Lassic is the guy you are after and who killed your brother. Also in the original game and the Hordes of Nei mod, I found Darkfalz easier than Lassic (although in HoN Lassic was insanely hard). So Falz doesn't need to be as hard as Lassic (which is hard since Lassic always attacks with Thunder), but he should at least pose a challenge.

Also a spoiler related questions, so all cats look away.

The Motavians in Tonoe mention Basilisks that turn you to stone. I haven't encountered those? Or do you have more new stuff added besides Tonoe? I think I checked all three planets now to see if you added more towns.

EDIT: Now I only used normal attacks, not even a power boost. I only had to heal ONCE in the entire fight, a power cure on Myau (he would have died in the last round but it would not have made a difference anymore).

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 16, '14, 9:56 pm 
Yep, I can understand about your frustration with a final fight in only three rounds...:( But maybe your levelling was too effective ? ;)

PostPosted: Mon Mar 17, '14, 2:47 am 
Hello, Fogeltje. Thanks a lot for all your testing. I hope you liked the game as much as I have developing it. You must be the first to finish the game, at least that I have information of. There is one brazilian that reached the Air Castle also, and reported a bug on the Lassic castle before.

I'm proud to announce that version 1.03 is out with 8 bug corrections, included the ones that you've described above (they are listed on the .txt file in the redist folder). Remember to download the ZIP from this path: or, if you are able to, download just the .jar in the redist folder if you want.

I've put your nickname (Fogeltje) on the .txt changelog. I plan to add you and other testers on the Credits inside the game, so PM me if you want a different name. Also, if you have any ideas about improving the game, feel free to send me, I'm willing to work on it for the next weeks.

Darkfalz has 3x more HP now, but I don't think you'll have much trouble with him. I'm going to balance the game in a future version, when I finish the 'Talk' dialog, the 'Start as Lutz' option and even a new Nero storyline. Regarding your question in the spoiler tag - this monster is not in the game yet...

Congratulations for your effort! Now Myau56 and other fans can play a much better game than the previous version.

Rafael, the Esper.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 17, '14, 10:01 am 
Yes, I enjoyed the game very much! Thanks for making it. And I feel honoured to be in changelog *bows*. I'll give Falz another go tonight in the new version. I have been thinking about some small plot details. Once I can write down something coherent I'll PM it to you.

EDIT: I tested it now :D It's still not a tough fight but already better than before. Myau had to spend most of the time healing and at one point I was too late and it hit Noah twice, dead. The remaining three still finished him rather easily, but it's an improvement.

One minor nitpick, the java window still says "v 1.01" at the top ;) And I definitely have the new version as Falz was tougher.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 17, '14, 12:11 pm 
About the list of enemies under Quest. It is still bugged. The giant scorpions on all three planets don't show up. Also the "undead" monster on Motavia don't show in my list. I have encountered Living Deads, Zombie's and the Skeleton Warriors (I think, the yellow ones, Skull En in the base game) but they are not in my list also. I haven't checked for Dezoris but I have a feeling the ??? I have there are also enemies I encountered before but don't show up in my list.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 17, '14, 2:25 pm 
Hello, Fogeltje. The PS4 monsters are not in the list. I didn't take them into account when creating the lists, but I can change this, of course.

'Undead' is a category per se, so they don't appear in the 'Motavia' list. You can trace it back to, where the category is given for each monster, and the 16 new monsters are listed also.

Planned features: show the monster stats, picture and special attacks in this menu. And include the Dungeon / Chests information, when you can see if you able to get ALL chests in the game. But I wouldn't do that without giving the player a reward for this.


PostPosted: Mon Mar 17, '14, 10:05 pm 
The list is rather hard to read when I want to check which Palma enemies I miss. But I'm trying. One problem, not all names correspond with the names as they appear in the game. Is there a file where I can see the names of enemies as they show up in the game?

For instance this line of code: addEnemy(enemies, PS1Enemy.STALKER, new Enemy("Enemy_Stalker").hp(79).atk(90).def(75).exp(22).mst(87).num(4).run(229).trap(15).sound(PS1Sound.ENEMY_PUNCH).anim("battle/enemy_ps1/stalker.chr").vertical(82).contact(110).type(Type.UNDEAD));

In your game this enemy is called "Mad Stalker" or something like that, not just "Stalker".

PostPosted: Mon Mar 17, '14, 10:43 pm 
OK, looking at the file I concluded that my missing Palma enemy is that big scorpion thingie. There are 27 .PALMA monsters (including the big scorpion from PSIV) and 27 spots on the list. I'm having that final ??? there because that enemy is not counted on the list. The same will count also for the the two other coloured scorpions. I also noticed some enemies that I haven't encountered yet, so there are a few yet left to find :) If you could fix the scorpions, that would be great. No rush though, it's not a game breaking thing. To me it's just annoying as I like to explore everything and if there's a list that keeps track of all enemies, something in me compells me to find them all.

EDIT: Bugged in Undead is the Nightmare. According to the code it's an .UNDEAD (in the file named Saccubus). I defeated it, twice, but it doesn't show up under undead. My remaining ??? is an enemy that has eluded me so far so I will search for that :)

Under Special, the RobotCop does not show up, it should according to the java file.

Under Motavia I miss the Blue Dragon and the Barbrian (I encountered all three Motavian and the new one) and the big scorpion (and there's one foe I haven't encountered yet).

Under Dezoris I miss the Cyclops and the big scorpion.

So in short, most ??? on my list are foes I have encountered but are somehow not on the list (all the ones I listed above). I see them in the java file so they should be there.

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