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PostPosted: Thu Mar 6, '14, 5:51 pm 
Phantasy Star Extended v1.00 is released! ... asy/redist

Read the .txt file included in the 'redist' folder, or just remember:

1. Controls:
<Enter> -> Action button
<Shift> -> Menu button
<Esc> -> Cancel button

2. Running:

You need the Java Runtime Envinronment (JRE) installed.
Double-click on the .jar file, or run on the command line the following command:

java -jar Phantasy.jar

Thanks for all feedback received in this thread, and I hope you could successfully play the game.

Rafael, the Esper

PostPosted: Thu Mar 6, '14, 8:48 pm 
myau56 wrote:Ah ok ! I don't really know Java and how it is working but my two brothers, that are working in computer science, must know ! I'll ask them :)
Java is something that can run on your computer, many websites use java applications so you probably have a working Java environment on your computer already without realizing it ;) All that is required is that you HAVE that environment, you don't need to know anything else about Java.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 6, '14, 8:52 pm 
It says the java file is corrupted. My Java RE is up to date.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 6, '14, 9:04 pm 
OK, my problem seems to be that I can't download the jar proper for some reason without installing this github thing which I don't want to. Is there another way for you to make this .jar file available?

One tiny nagging point from me. Reading in the Readme I read this: "Landrover gets through lava, not Hovercraft". I don't find this a good change to be honest as it makes no sense. Lava is molten. A land vehicle like the landrover wouldn't be able to move through it in real life. I'm not sure if you can sink in lava (a person would probably die from burns or asphyxiation before that happens) but I'm sure a landrover won't be able to move through it. A hovercraft hovers, as the name implies and won't be impaired by the molten lava.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 6, '14, 9:17 pm 
RAFAEL : Thank you for the link and your hard work ! I'll try to test it as soon as possible but for the moment I don't have much time on my hands ! Hope I'll succeed as, like Fogeltje have said it, the java file seems to be corrupted :(

And about the changing about lava, I agree with Fogeltje : it's very strange :)

PostPosted: Thu Mar 6, '14, 9:40 pm 
You need to click on the .jar file and then "View Raw" option in order to download. It's about 18 Mb, if I not mistaken, so take your time.

About Landrover on Lava, please note that:

1) This is the same decision taken in Phantasy Star Generations.

2) I see it not as a very hot lava pool, otherside you couldn't cross on foot. So the Landrover, like a tank, would cross it without a problem.

3) There is a technical challenge, because maps have obstacles, and I coded the obstacles just as a thin line dividing the shore (ocean). So when you enter in the Hovercraft, you jump to the other side (the water), and due to the same obstacles you can't reenter in the continent. The problem is that the Lava pool can be entered both on foot and on vehicles, so the code you be more complex.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 9, '14, 12:31 pm 
I already tried "view rar", yields another "corrupted" file. I agree I forgot about the walking through it. In the ideal PS game, you can't walk or landrover through the lava but that would make the game impossible as you need to cross the lavafield of Bortevo at least once to get the hovercraft.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 9, '14, 12:32 pm 
To clarify: simply downloading yields a 25kb jar file, the raw option a 0kb jar file.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 9, '14, 5:11 pm 
I'm posting a solution here. I don't know why the "View Raw" is not working, even though it shows the right size. In my other projects, it works fine. So, here is a way that works:

1) Access and Click on 'Download ZIP'. The .jar file is inside the redist folder.

2) This is an alternative link provided by Orakio: ...

Rafael, the Esper

PostPosted: Sun Mar 9, '14, 6:53 pm 
The alternative link worked, thanks! I checked out the beginning. Looks great. So far I only have the options to play as Alis or Odin. Guess the other features are implemented later? Good job! I'll see if I have time to play a little the next few weeks.

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