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 Post subject: Typhoon Soudelor
PostPosted: Tue Aug 4, '15, 5:52 pm 
A gigantic storm in the form of Typhoon Soudelor is getting close to Japan, China, and other areas near the Pacific Ocean. Prayers for everyone's safety and hopefully little destruction with this storm. ... 26866.html

 Post subject: Re: Typhoon Soudelor
PostPosted: Wed Aug 5, '15, 3:28 pm 
Heard about this one. If you live in the way of this thing, the best thing to do is evacuate. Unfortunately, poorer people who live in its path are not in good shape. Something like this WILL ravage whatever it hits, and it won't be pretty. If you want to help, the best thing to do is donate to a relief agency or other non-profit that may provide some of aid.

Monster storms like this are, sad to say, going to become both stronger and more commonplace as time moves on due to climate change. There is a reason people living on the coast in the US get federal flood insurance. Private insurers are fully aware of the risk presented by hurricanes and sea level rise, and have largely chosen to not insure that market.

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