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 Post subject: TV/Video Game actors die
PostPosted: Thu Dec 5, '13, 9:35 am 
Video Game fans are mourning the loss of two actors who had significant and memorable ties to the video game world. Christopher Evan Welch did voice work in the "Sonic The Hedgehog" animated cartoon TV series, and Danny Wells played the role of Luigi, on "The Super Mario Brothers Super Show" TV series. These two will be remembered for all their work and the fun times they gave all video game and TV fans. May they rest in peace. :tombstone: :rose: ... 20153.html

PostPosted: Thu Dec 5, '13, 12:26 pm 
May both of them rest in peace :(

PostPosted: Sun Dec 8, '13, 6:32 am 
Actually, the Christopher Evan Welch thing seems to be causing a lot of confusion with many people. It turns out that he wasn't the same Christopher Welch who voiced Tails in "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog": the Welch on the show was a kid at the time, while Evan Welch was 28. The mix up is completely understandable, though, what with the two having the same name and all.

And I didn't realize Danny Wells passed away, too. I'm probably going to dust off my old Super Mario Bros. Super Show DVD and give it a watch in memory of him.

Still, it's sad to see both of these talented people go. May they rest in peace.

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