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PostPosted: Mon Dec 3, '07, 9:43 pm 
My local PBS affiliate used to play old Doctor Who's like that as well. I rarely watched them, though my father liked to see then now and then. I really don't know which Doctor is which, except perhaps this latest one.

hugues wrote:Oh, I also have the SMB and Zelda cartoon sets.

I've been wanting to get those, especially the Zelda set and the Captain N set that has a couple of semi-sequel episodes to the Zelda set. I can never remember to look for them when I'm actually in a store though.

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 3, '08, 3:52 am 
I was watching Fox & Friends show this morning and they had actor Erik Estrada on there for a few minutes talking about the upcoming release of Season 2 of "CHIPS" which is coming out soon (today or tomorrow, I think).

For those of you who man not remember, "CHIPS" was a very succesful tv show back in the 80's/90's and Erik played "Officer Poncherello, aka "ponch" on the show. It was in reruns for a long time also, and may still be showing somewhere. CHIPS stands for California Highway Interstate Police Service, I think, or something like that. I can't remember for sure.

Anyway, I highly recommend this show - it was great! :hyper:

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 11, '08, 11:00 am 
i want the twin peaks gold box set more than anything (material) in the world. on the back, it has this awesome quote from david lynch. "i think that this is a definitive gold release of twin peaks."

i never really got into tv shows until i realized i could watch them at my convenience on dvd or streaming on the internet. since discovering the latter, the only ones i own are degrassi junior high and family guy.

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