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 Post subject: TV Dinner Day
PostPosted: Thu Sep 10, '15, 6:34 pm 
September 10 is National TV Dinner Day celebrating this day back in 1953 when the first "TV Dinner" was sold. Since then the frozen dinners have dropped the name "TV Dinner" and expanded their product lines to also include breakfast items and many other types of frozen foods and dinner items. ... d-in-1953/

I don't mind saying that over the years I have eaten a LOT of frozen "TV Dinners" of one type or another. First, they are quick to fix, second you get a whole meal in one little tray without all the fuss and time of having cooked it all, and third...they are CHEAP!!!

What more could you want??

Maybe something healthier, I suppose, but in some ways they have also changed to become healthier or have more healthier foods than when they first started out.

Anyone else here ever eaten a TV Dinner?

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