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PostPosted: Mon Jun 20, '11, 2:05 am 
Ok so I thought I'd take a crack at this seeing as Eusis and Shir happen to be in my top 4 Phantasy Star II characters, and just having a random idea about Orakio so heres what I was thinking.

In the third generation whoever the player chooses goes on a quest to obtain Orakio's Sword, eventually learning the word Nei thus turning it into the Nei Sword. Since Phantasy Star II's ending is open to debate on what happened to Eusis and his team heres a scenario that coulda happened.

To me I want to believe that they survived their encounter against the Earthmen, but at a huge cost. The ship they were on began to explode and the worldship Alisa III somehow crossed paths with the Noah. In the process of exploding the team somehow managed to escape, fleeing to the safety of the Alisa III.

Most likely Noah/Lutz believed that Eusis and his team died in the explosion of the Noah spaceship, having lost all contact with the team. Eusis arrived at the Landen dome, battered, bruised and exhausted from their fateful encounter. They rested and recovered, seeing as they would never return to Motavia they made the Alisa III their new home.

The team went their seperate ways at this point, Shir decided to stay with Eusis at this point. They settled down in the small town that would eventually become the kingdom of Landen. They worked hard to make a living, and eventually had twin boys, Orakio and Rulakir. Eusis taught the boys about courage, strength, honesty and most of all the way of the sword. Shir taught her sons how to be swift, brave, and most of all cunning.

As the boys grew Eusis began to see that his son Rulakir had a darkness inside him, a darkness he once saw in the hearts of the Earthmen. He passed on the Nei Sword to his son Orakio, believing Orakio could one day save his twin brother. Eusis never revealed the true nature of the sword, but passed on from the world before the Orakio/Laya war began.

During the war Rulakir betrayed Orakio, as the demon Dark Force had already taken over his soul from his youth, the demon Eusis had fought once before. And that my friends is my rant for the day.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 23, '11, 12:56 am 
It works as a fan theory, but the timeline in the Japanese games would play havoc with this. With 1,000 years happen between PSII and the Devastation War, you'd have to throw in some time travel. That's not out of the question, I suppose, depending on how Rolf and crew escaped from Noah.

PostPosted: Fri Dec 16, '11, 11:55 am 
To counter the time gap in the Japanese version you could substitute "child of" for "descendant of". It won't be easy for the parent to see the darkness in one of the boys, but handed down from the generations the descendants of Rolf and Shir could have maintained some memory and knowledge.

PostPosted: Thu May 31, '12, 5:23 pm 
yet according to the info stored here, rolf, nei, rudo, anna, amy, shir, and hugh all lost their lives eventually, and there spirits gathered to bind with elsydion.

however seeing as ps IV occours at nearly the same time as ps III (in theory), it would mean shir and co. would have had to have clones done.
if this happened, it would be highly likely be true.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 22, '12, 12:52 pm 
Very interesting theory.
Tmnzklan : maybe they died but maybe not ! We cannot be sure ! Maybe they escaped (maybe with Lutz's help) and when the time of their death was coming, their spirits gathered to be tied with Elsydeon

PostPosted: Sat Nov 15, '14, 2:47 am 
Eusis and Shir used techniques.
Orakians dont.

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