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PostPosted: Mon Jun 26, '17, 10:58 pm 
It is probably one of the better films that have been released. Lot of solid action and a pretty decent plot. As a super fan I saw a lot of how things unfolded but their are still a few twists and turns to keep things going. A lot of back story is shared and I think they did a few mild retcons. Acting is on par with the previous films. Humor is about on average with past stuff. Bit more swearing that I would prefer. But over all I enjoyed the film.

Two things that got my attention. First time in any American TF related media that the name Nemesis Prime has been used. Also first time in the film set that
[Reveal] Spoiler:
has been mentioned.

Let me know what you guys thought of The Last Knight.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 27, '17, 12:50 pm 
I've just watched the two first transformers but after I've been lost ! :(

PostPosted: Sat Jul 1, '17, 3:44 am 
Rylen, Thanks for the review of "Transformers: The Last Knight". You make it sound like a good movie and I certainly want to see it, although I will probably wait until it comes out on DVD and buy a copy.

Like myau56 I have not watched all the "Transformers" movies. I got lost in them somewhere along the way. Everyone that I have watched has been pretty good though. Can't wait to see this one too.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 2, '17, 9:59 pm 
I think that maybe there are too many of them ! Some series of movies seems to last too long..but if all the films from the same serie are good...why not ?

PostPosted: Sun Nov 12, '17, 1:22 am 
I finally got to see the movie with the DVD release recently. I enjoyed it mostly, but a few of those story retcons were annoying. I liked the Nemesis Prime approach, but I think the movie - like the ones before it - would have benefited from more exploration of the 'bots than the humans. To me, it really felt like Optimus was being tacked onto the story, rather than part of it.

And plus, no one in the movie mentioned that Megatron had the same red marks on his face, indicating he was being controlled also.

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