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PostPosted: Sat Dec 25, '10, 5:03 pm 
BayFormers (aka TransFormers) was nothing short of a disgrace that I to this day regret having ever watched.

BayFormers 2: Revenge of the Fallen was allegedly good, but seeing as the only thing I ever heard my co-workers discussing was how hot some chick was in a nude scene I have entirely avoided seeing this one.

And now a trailer has surfaced at the beginning of the Tron Legacy movie for BayFormers 3: Dark of the Moon. Frankly, I am shocked the rights holders are permitting Michael Bay, a person who admits he doesn't even like TransFormers, to continue making such vile perversions against the franchise. Amazingly, the trailer looks good, but then, so did the trailer for the first movie. The only hope this film has is that it is being produced by Steven Speilberg.

PostPosted: Mon Dec 27, '10, 12:10 am 
Revenge of the Fallen was horrible. I liked the first one a lot more. Certainly, it was far from perfect, but it was enjoyable. Fallen, though, that one I wish I had never watched. It was filled with juvenile attempts at humor that fell entirely flat and had even less to do with established Transformers stuff than the first.

Both movies made a good amount of money, though. A third one makes sense from that perspective, but there's no way I'm spending a good chunk of money to it. This franchise has been disappointing to me and I'm not very interested in giving it a third chance.

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