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PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, '12, 2:03 am 
Hello there all you Psalgo fans. Kaloes here back from his long journey through what we call life. I'm your host and this thread is all about whats new with me. Now don't call me self-centered because I am making this thread, as this is just a quick update on what's been going on with me. I'll try to keep everyone posted and will try to come by the boards more often.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, '12, 2:14 am 
Whats new with me you might ask, well let me fill everyone in.

Some of you may or may not know but me and my wife went our separate ways. I will not bore everyone with the details as most of them are very personal, but I have no ill feelings for her even though it may appear like I do at times. She's a great mother and was a great wife, things happen and I just can't dwell on the past.

Been playing games somewhat actually, not as much as I use to, my game time has gone down about 80% from what it use to be. I just don't have time nor really care for them that much anymore. When I do play though its only for maybe a few hours after work or on the weekends.

Been playing Dark Souls for awhile now and I recently got my Platinum Trophy last weekend. Was very proud that I can finally put down that blasted lovable game from hell.

As a early birthday present my best friend who is the assistant manager at Gamestop bought me the collector's edition of Final Fantasy XIII-2. The game I enjoy seeing as I enjoyed XIII alot, but it seemed really short and rushed if you ask me. From what I know the story will be better fleshed out in the upcoming DLC's that Square is going to be releasing.

Lastly on the agenda for today, although I started my writing in Fanfiction, I've decided to move on to writing my own book. I will not reveal any information on the story other then this is the true story of Celeith Silverlake. I plan on finishing the book sometime this year and the place I work at my boss said he would publish the book for me when I finish it. So look forward to maybe seeing With A Hero's Will: Origins in your local bookshop sometime next year. And if all goes well With A Hero's Will: The New Dawn will follow right after.

Thank you and goodnight Psalgo, this has been Kaloes saying goodnight, and God Bless.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, '12, 2:30 am 
Hey Kaloes, so good to hear from you again. I just finished typing Happy Birthday wishes to you a few moments ago. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Happy to see you back here at Fringes and we hope you'll visit more often. We miss you. :)

I can see you've been very busy with your writing and my congrats on the upcoming book....we will look forward to hearing more news about that and hopefully will be able to see or find it when it is released, etc. Many of us here love your fan fic so will be eagerly looking forward to your book as well.

I am very sorry to hear about your family situation. It must be a difficult time for all of you and I hope you all weather it well as can be expected. Life does go on, no matter the circumstances, even as difficult as it might be sometimes. Best of luck to you in the future ahead. :grouphug:

PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, '12, 2:28 am 
My condolences on your family troubles, Kaloes. It's an unpleasant thing I'm sure, but you'll get through it. In time, things will get better.

Congrats on your work on the book. I look forward to seeing it in publication!

So, what's your opinion on Dark Souls? I've been hearing a lot about that game lately. Some good stuff, some bad. It makes me curious about it.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, '12, 5:47 am 
It's hell is all I can say Thoul, the game comes at you with nothing but torment from the moment you put the disc into your system. After you play it for awhile you get in a good routine and you won't die as much but then all of a sudden BAM, you're back where you started cause the game just is that relentless.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, '12, 9:55 am 
Sorry to hear about your unfortunate family issues Kaloes. I’m very glad you’re soldering on however. I hope your book works out for you too, getting it publish sounds like a brilliant idea. :)

As for Dark Souls I must congratulate you for getting the Platinum trophy, I myself competed the game but never bothered going Platinum, hard game wasn’t it? I hated those crystal golems, man they were such intimidating enemies.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, '12, 6:19 pm 
I didn't have a problem with the golems, considering I'm a faith build 58 faith on my character atm, and I use a +10 Divine Longsword all the time. All my weapon trophies I got were from Longswords cause that is my favorite weapon in the game. But I'm always using my Divine Longsword as my main. The only enemy I really had a problem with in the game would be the Four Kings, considering with my build and my weapon was only doing about 168 with a hard swing on newgame plus and I couldn't get my magic off fast enough when all four kings spawned I had to run and shoot them with a bow and keep on running. That was a epic battle I tell you but dang did it take forever to win with my bow.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, '12, 10:16 pm 
Happy to have some news from you, Kaloes ! But very sad to learn about your family :( It's why I'm "happy" to be single : no problem about it (already had some problems so...). What does not kill us makes us stronger!
Hope too you'll write a lot of things :)

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