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PostPosted: Sun Nov 4, '07, 3:57 am 
Keep in mind that this is a freindly disscussion. We dont need to fight amongst ourselves since we're all fans. Just because one person thinks less of the character you choose, doesnt mean that it's canon.

Personly, this was one of the toughest questions. I love Alys at a personal level, but she didn't have the payload of techniques and skills to compete against some of the other characters in the games. Then I thought about Chaz: He can learn Megid, Crosscut, REVER, etc.. And he weilds Elsydeon, but he's not the only person that learn Megid or to use Elsydeon. While he's tough, I had to move on.
Wren: Wren is tough as nails. Surviving through two games is no small task. Packing an array of heavy hitting skills, a self healing skill, the ability to weild the games every powerful guns, the fact that he's resistant to some of the heavier hitting baddies in PSIV, and the ability to heal as he walks make Wren a very strong canidate for the best of the best.

Rune: Though you have to drop him with sheilds, Rune is argueably one of the strongest characters in the game. You dont even need to relay on his TP to get some of the strongest spells in the game. I found myself turning to NaWat only when his God-like skills like Efess and Leagon were depleated. With techs like Rever, NaWat, NaGra, and Arrows, Rune is a one man tank!

So... Here are my ratings.

Rune: 10.0
Wren: 9.99
Chaz: 9.9

:clap: :clap: :bouncy: :clap: Rune wins!!! :party:

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 5, '07, 2:07 am 
Well I say I've made my point with how much I think Sari is amazing, despite her lack of techniques, if everyone was a level 1, she'd nearly quadrouple their hp and strength.

Second was a little tough, I can't really go with Rune, which is quite amazing since I'm usually the magic lover, but he lacks in a good all around position, he focuses completely on magic. Though I like that, I couldn't accept him.
Wren, though, he is amazing for going on so far, and his skills, through lack of techniques really improve him as well as never needing to be revived outside of battle, or healed much, even with how much hp he obtains. So he's a pretty safe bet.
Now, if I were forming a team, my next choice would probably Raja, or Kyra, a good healer, but alone they only have a few goodies to protect themselves.
Now then I thought about Rika, one of my favorites, and a good healer and protecter, But...she has quite a few techniques and or skills to attack the enemies, not to mention her attack is reletively decent. She'd be my third.

So my votes go like this:
Sari-10 Being the all time top
Wren-9.5 He'd be a good match on his own, but most likely coudn't hold his ground against Sari
Rika-8.9 I couldn't find myself giving her the 9, mainly because a few character could beat her.

If given a 4th choice, I'd have to chose Chaz, Excellent balance character.

Left to right:
:punch: :fiery: Sari :shield: Wren :P :neenerneener: :rofl: Rika

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 6, '07, 6:57 am 
This is hard!

I considered Demi, but PSIV Wren is more powerful in almost every respect that matters. He has stronger attacks, better stats, gets more powerful skills. The only thing Demi has that he lacks is a person healing skill (Medical Power), but it is so weak for her that it hardly counts.

Alis beats out similar characters Chaz and Rolf. She may not have the same range of attacks as those two, but her determination and drive to see her quest through was a vital component to the entire series.

I'm undecided on the second. I want to pick a claw user, but they're all great. I can't choose! :bang:

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 7, '07, 9:13 pm 
ooooh. Nice selection! =D

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 7, '07, 10:36 pm 
Ya know, we should have Phantasy Star smileys.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 7, '07, 10:44 pm 
I'll get to work on them right now!! (CHECK YOUR MESSAGES SPARKY!! >_< !!! )

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 8, '07, 7:05 pm 
That would be cool, if we had unique smilies based on Phantasy Star! Nobody else has those. :D

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