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 Post subject: Too Many Game Systems
PostPosted: Sat Jan 10, '09, 6:25 pm 
Have you looked at all the video game systems there are out there? There are quite a few out now, some newer than others? Do you think we have too many game systems available? Or, do you think we don't have enough game systems and could always use more?

Many of us probably have one, two, or more different game systems, and perhaps video games versions to play on those systems. It's a shame there is not one gaming system that will play every video game, but then where would the industry make all their money and profit?????

What video game systems do you think you simply have to have? What video game systems do you think you could do without, or are not worth having for one reason or another?

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 10, '09, 7:06 pm 
If you think there are too many systems now let's look back at 1995.. we had:

Sega Genesis - Near the end of it's life but still getting a number of great games.
32X - On the decline but the cheapest way to get a 32-bit system.
Sega CD - Also declining but was a good system for RPG fans.
Super Nintendo - More than a year away from the N64 so it was still receiving strong support.
Sega Saturn - Launched in May but the library didn't catch-up until late fall.
Sony Playstation - Launched in September and took the lead over Sega rather quickly.
Atari Jaguar - Barely alive but still getting new games.
Atari Jaguar CD - Launched but disappeared quickly.
3DO - See Atari Jaguar.
Game Boy - The dominant hand held system of the era despite still being B&W.
Game Gear - A distant second but still had new games and some diehard fans.
Virtual Boy - No comment.
CD-i - Barely on the gaming radar.
Neo Geo - A niche system.

Clearly that was too many as close to half would be discontinued the following year.

To compare to the active systems today (which would exclude Gamecube and Xbox since they've both been discontinued although used games are still widely available):
PS2 - Roughly in the same spot as the Sega Genesis in 1995.
PS3 - Somewhere between the original Playstation and Saturn.
Xbox 360 - You could make a comparison to the original Playstation, the system of choice for most gamers.
Wii - Can't really compare it to any prior system.
DS - Like the original Game Boy, technically inferior but by far the best seller.
PSP - Appears to be doomed to the same fate as the Game Gear.

I think the mix today is pretty healthy, there are systems that appeal to three major gaming demographics -- hardcore gamers, casual gamers, budget gamers. The only thing I question is whether there is enough room for both the 360 and PS3. They're both going after the same demographic and I don't know how many are willing to buy both.

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 11, '09, 5:40 pm 
The market is a lot slimmer now than it used to be, but I wouldn't mind if it were a bit thinner. The 360 and PS3 are very similar... they remind me a lot of the Genesis and SNES, with a multitude of games being released on both platforms with no changes.

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 12, '09, 5:00 pm 
The only problem with the gaming console market that I have right now is the 'Box 360 vs. the PS3 issue. There's really no point in having both, but yet the exclusives that they each have compel me to buy both. Other than that, I think that we have a good variety of systems available.

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 12, '09, 7:11 pm 
If I had to choose among today's consoles, I'd be happy with just the portables. I use my DS and PSP far more than my Wii or PS3. Actually, I might sell my PS3 after I've had my way with Biohazard 5 this March.

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