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PostPosted: Sun Feb 3, '13, 3:34 am 
Orakio as Rhys' grandfather would make sense, it would also make more sense that Rulakir managed to extend his life only a few generations rather than 1,000 years (I never quite understood the 'his hatred kept him alive until Dark Force possessed him' thing)

This would change the structure of ultimate weapons as well, come to think of it. Elsydeon was supposed to be Alis' original sword, which became the Nei Sword in PS2, then Orakio's sword, and the Nei Sword and PS3. With these timelines I may have to re-structure that a little.

The ancient word of power (Nei) wouldn't have even passed to the Alisa III, unless the Noah somehow landed there after Rolfs adventure, and he carried this power with him? If Alis' blade becomes the Nei Sword of PS2, and Orakio's Blade stays sealed in the underwater temple, then Rolf carries the Nei Sword to Alisa III, and eventually, the two blades meet, and are 'reforged' at Skyhaven into a single sword, which becomes Elsydeon, to be passed to Chaz sometime after the Alisa III crashes on Mota?

Does that work out okay? Instead of it being one heroine's sword, passed down, it is the combined form of the sword of two legendary heroes merged together.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 7, '13, 3:01 pm 
I think that would work out pretty well. It might help if you make the swords unusable individually somehow. Say, for example, Rolf's is broken and Orakio's is rusted from being in the water from so long. Just to give a reason for the reforging, I mean.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 8, '13, 4:57 am 
Yeah I'll do that.

So I think each 'chapters' ultimate swords will list like this
Alis: Laconian Sword
Rhys: Royal Sword
Rolf: Nei Sword
Ayn: Planar Sword
Aron: Elsydeon (Nei Sword and Orakio's Sword reforged)
Chaz: Elsydeon (probably procured by Rune after Alisa III crashes on Mota)

I may also create new weapons for each other character to mirror Elsydeon, each of the PS3 legendary weapons (Miuns Claw, Sirens Shot, Layas Bow, Lunes Slicer) will be combined with the broken PS2 versions (Nei Shot, Nei Slasher, and create new Nei weapons for the bow and claw with their own backstories)

This will also pad out the third generations storyline by giving each of these weapons a new dungeon to be housed in.

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