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 Post subject: Tileset opinions (RM2k)
PostPosted: Tue Apr 18, '17, 6:45 pm 
I am thinking on reviving my ambition to create a post PS3 rpg game, that ties in with Star Ocean (2 of my favorite RPGs). Whats incredibly interesting is how the timelines are extremely similar in terms of Earth's fate. Using the following timelines (Phantasy Star and Star Ocean, both games can be tied together in terms of relevant storyline. Most of the PS timeline for this timeframe is conjecture, so can reasonably be modified to fit into Star Oceans set history (Star Ocean 4 sets this, which I am currently playing).

I would use the Aron ending (used in the timeline) as theoretically it would make more sense than the others in terms of time scaling. Yes, I do believe time travel is possible some day, no one knows what a black hole could do and in SO4, warp/wormhole travel is explained as bending of time and space (which would fit for RPG purposes). I would of course incorporate both the aforementioned games, as well as some movie plots (Star Trek 2's Genesis project to terraform the moon, maybe some Dune elements, etc), other games I find interesting and relevant, etc.

Anywho, as I am going to create this into RM2K, I would like suggestions on SNES games that I can rip the images from to create the cities, overworld, etc. Star Ocean 1 is a nice starting point in terms of buildings and interiors. Chrono Trigger also has nice graphics but there are a lot of JRPGs I havent played so would like to know if others have

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