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PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, '09, 7:14 pm 
Yep, it's me, attempting to ignore work on PSIVNES justify paying sixty bucks for RPG Maker VX make a Phantasy Star II sequel!

AW 1287, three years after the destruction of Palma and Mother Brain's shutdown, Motavia hasn't become the hellish wasteland everyone expected. Quite the contrary- the people of Algo have never been better off, and are flourishing in a new era of peace and prosperity. Aside from the Psioniclasm that forced the populace to relearn their Techniques, life is wonderful.

Rolf Eushys, along with his six companions, have essentially returned to their normal lives. As we join Rolf, he and Shir have received an invitation in the mail: "You are cordially invited to the wedding of Hugh Thompson and Amelia Sage." Little do they know that this happy event will soon reunite Algo's saviors in another struggle for survival...

So, what's gonna be in there to get you interested?
*Special Skills! Everyone has one, just like in PSGen2. They're only usable once per combat, and once used, require several successful battles to recharge. Rolf and the others don't start out with the Skills- they have to be found under certain circumstances.
[Reveal] Spoiler: Example!
Amy's Special Skill, Na Reverse, revives every dead party member, then fully heals the entire party. To earn it, she has to use Na Sak at least once, and use Sak on Hugh at least once.

*Equipment gets a bit more useful- Amy gets her Rods from PSGen2, Kain gets to use more Guns, and there's some new gear from PSGen2/III/IV as well.
*More Techniques! The Zonde and Wat trees, as well as Arows and Rimpa, show up, as well as the dreaded Feeve Technique!
*Innate abilities! (Read: Party-member specific tags that come with RMVX.)

Screenshots and other goodness to come along... when I get further along with the game. Real Life Monster keeps kicking in, as Atlin can attest. =D

Any ideas/suggestions/comments greatly appreciated! (Particularly for handling dual weapon wielding, because my solution's rather... inelegant.)

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, '09, 8:10 pm 
You were telling me about this a while ago over IM. I still really like the idea, Snorb, sounds excellent. Wish I could help on dual-wielding, though...

PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, '09, 8:54 pm 
Sounds like some great ideas! I know nothing about RPG Maker, so I can't help you, but I hope someone has a good idea for it. :)

PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, '09, 11:14 pm 
@Thoul: Thanks! If you've got any ideas- not just programming, but plot, equipment, or series callbacks- I'd love to hear them!

@Caged: I know! My inelegant solution is to make two sets of slashers for Anna (One-handed Slashers, and two-handed Paired Slashers) and daggers for Shir (One-handed Daggers, Two-handed Paired Daggers) so they can at least use emels. (This might be a bad idea.)

PostPosted: Wed Aug 26, '09, 7:26 am 
Update: Not much in way of actually mapping out Motavia, Dezolis, and the Armageddon Echo. Actually working in the database, however, creating the various skills and equipment for the party to use. This is, seriously, my favorite part of RPG Maker- making equipment. So... some behind-the-curtain stuff!

Every weapon has a base hit chance of 75%. If a weapon from PSII or PSGen2 improves Skill when used in that game, it'll instead increase the hit chance by that much. (For example, Rolf's Flame Sword has an 85% hit chance, and his Chainsword has a whopping 91%.)

Elementals for weapons and Techniques are pretty much done- I had to make fourteen elementals: Two each of Fire, Water, Lightning, Thunder, Gravity, and Wind (because of Shir and some monsters' Evasion ability) and Anti-Biologic/Mechanical properties.

As for the real elementals themselves:
[Reveal] Spoiler: Elemental Chart
Fire (*Foi, Megid): Machines and Motavian biomonsters are resistant to Fire. Dezolian biomonsters are weak against it.
Water (*): Machines and Dezolian biomonsters are resistant to Water. Motavian biomonsters are strong against it.
Lightning (*Tsu): Lightning hits harder than Fire and Water. Enemies in the Armageddon Echo are weak against it.
Thunder (*Zonde): Machines are vulnerable to Thunder. All biomonsters are resistant to it.
Gravity (*Gra): Enemies in the Armageddon Echo are resistant to it.
Wind (*Zan): All biomonsters are vulnerable to Wind. Machines are resistant to it.

Five characters also have passive abilities, defined either in RMVX's character tabs, or through the Class tab:

[Reveal] Spoiler: Passive Skills
Mighty Guard (Rudo): Damage is reduced to one quarter when defending, instead of one half.
Medical Expert (Amy): All numerical effects of healing items are doubled.
Keen Edge (Anna): Anna has an 8% critical hit chance, compared to everyone else's 4%.
Dual Wielding (Anna and Shir): Anna and Shir can use two one-handed weapons. This is the source of my "inelegant solution" up above.
Evasion (Shir): Shir takes half damage from multi-target abilities, hence why there's two of each element- one called "Fire" and one called "Fire/Area".

Everyone gets their Technique list from PSGen2, along with some of PSIV's Techs- for example, Hugh gets *, Kain gets *Zonde, Amy gets more healing Techs (she does NOT get Gra, unlike in PSGen2). Because two characters have a lot of overlap on their Tech lists with a certain PSIV character who isn't Chaz Ashleigh, there's going to be hints dropped in-game that [spoiler]Hugh and Amy are Hahn Mahlay's ancestors.[/spoiler]

In other words: Still workin' on it, fighting the Real Life Monster. How much XP do I get for beating it? =P

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 27, '09, 1:35 am 
I think the Real Life monster is one of those that hides the EXP received when you defeat it. Maybe it's just 1 EXP, maybe it's 1000. ;)

It sounds like you've put a lot of thought into the skills and elements. That's great to see: too many homemade games lack depth in that area. I really look forward to exploring how they all interact in the game.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 28, '09, 1:47 pm 
Snorb this sounds better and better everytime you bring in updates. Any chance this will be playable for all of us? Emulated even? I'm salivating at the chance to play this :mrgreen:

PostPosted: Mon Aug 31, '09, 6:23 am 
Here's hoping, Darkil- I'm not exactly all that great at mapping, I have no PSIIesque sprites (even mashed down to RMVX's size), not a single damn enemy is programmed, and I utterly suck at everything non-equipment related in RPG Maker, but! I'm not gonna let this one die like my science fiction pen and paper game, or my Pathfinder RPG'd Oriental Adventures notes, or every other RPG Maker game I've ever done! This WILL! BE! *DONE!* Even if I have to have myself fully converted into a cyborg because my meat body dies!

(Your humble narrator takes a deep breath at this point, and he calms down.)

Anyway, more behind-the-scenes stuff tonight, to close out August (and cleverly ignore the fact that I should be working on this and Fun in the Sun Part Six. =p)

Special Skills! PSGen2 had them, PSIV had them in abundance, and PSIII had the ever-fail Megido and Grantz. Rolf and his companions each get one Special Skill- unlike Techniques, Skills aren't learned by gaining levels, and can only be used in combat. Once used, each skill requires (successful!) battles to recharge. Lutz teaches the party these once they meet certain prerequisites.

[Reveal] Spoiler: Special Skill List
Royal Guard (Rolf)- Boosts the party's Defense to 200% and grants resistance to Techniques/elemental attacks for three rounds. Rolf's prerequisite is visiting Nei's grave outside of Paseo.
Revenge (Rudo)- Two Thunder-elemental gunshots against one target, possibly inflicting status effects on it as well. Rudo's prereequisite is visiting his family's graves in Arima, as well as Darum and Tiem's graves north of Paseo. (Note that Rudo doesn't need a rifle to use this!)
Na Reverse (Amy)- Revives Flatlined party members if they need it, and fully heals the entire party. Amy's prerequisites are using Na Sak at least once, and using Sak on Hugh at least once.
Sulfur (Hugh)- Inflicts non-elemental damage on each enemy, and attempts to paralyze Biomonsters. Hugh's prerequisite is reading every book in Piata Academy, and from gaining 5000 experience at Rolf's house.
Medical Treat (Anna)- Cures the party of status ailments, and as a bonus compared to the crappy PSGen2 version, boosts everyone's Strength, Defense, and Speed to 120% for the rest of the combat! (Deban, Saner, and Shift will override the effects of Medical Treat.) Anna's prerequisite is completing enough missions at the Hunter's Guild headquarters.
Burst Rocket (Kain)- Launches rockets at the entire enemy party, inflicting Thunder damage. Machines may have their stats reduced for four rounds while they recalibrate. (Gelun and Doran will override the effects of Burst Rocket.) Kain's prerequisite is bringing enough Scrap (dropped by defeated Machines) to Hiram in Kueri.
Tornado (Shir)- Hits the entire enemy party, ignoring their Defense stat entirely, for massive Wind damage. Shir's prerequisite is stealing 250,000 Meseta worth of gear from shops. (She has to hit every store in Algo at least once.)

Also, thanks to RMVX's limitations, some of the equipment has its functionality changed- instead of unleashing Techniques when used (because RMVX... y'know. Doesn't do that.) most armor will instead offer elemental defense (status defense for headgear). One unique case is the Amber Robe- instead of a perpetual Dimate machine, it regenerates its wearer's HP. Hugh got lucky in that regard. =p

PostPosted: Mon Oct 5, '09, 12:43 am 
I don't remember where, but I remember someone told me that the official take on PS2 was that Rolf & gang won the fight with the humans, but were shunned on motavia for the destruction of motherbrain (they were also blamed for Palma). Rolf was forced to live out his life in the esper mansion (I don't remember if the gang was with him or not)

It's a fan game, so do what you want... but you may want to try incorporating this bit of info into the game... that way it doesn't look like you ignored some of the finer details.

Good luck.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 5, '09, 4:49 pm 
Abominae: Thanks for the good luck- the way may work ethic goes on projects like this, I'll need it. =(

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